Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11.6" Touch Ultrabook

Anyone else having touchscreen issues with these? Just opened one about a week ago and the touchscreen is unresponsive. Any help is appreciated…

You might consider reaching out to Lenovo; they can probably walk you through some troubleshooting. Sorry you’re having trouble. :confused:

Bought one from Amazon. Had serious keyboard and touchpad issues. Could not resolve with Lenovo customer support. Support is fast, but not competent.

Got another and it’s good. Even at $300 seems to be a good value.

Did you reinstall Windows…and THEN it stopped working? I bought a Yoga about a month ago, reinstalled Windows 10 and had issues getting the touch screen to work again. Googled around and found the answer. Can’t remember exactly what it was, but I think it was actually on a lenovo community board.

Well that sounds like a missing driver or piece of software then.

Got mine yesterday so far so good
It’s a great way to play with Windows 10 before I decide if I’m going to put it on my desktop and other laptop.

Which coincidentally is also a Lenovo.

Disappointed. Got this deal in April. Registration shows purchase in Feb and will not let me update; Lenovo does not respond to request on how to correct the purchase date that poped in when I insert serial number.

Followed all setup instructions, updated Win 10, updated Lenovo drivers, and battery life is less than an hour. From comments and reviews, it should run around 5 hours on a charge. Read a lot at Lenovo site and online; turned features off; changed battery settings to conserve battery; added battery management update and used the battery gauge reset function to reset the battery to proper level several times (as recommended). Each time the battery has less life on it. Started around 25% with battery status as “poor.” Now Lenovo battery status is still “poor” and identified as only charging to 15% of capacity.

Cannot get response from Lenovo “contact us” email. I work 11 hour days and “chat” with Lenovo is M-F 8 to 8. I am hoping they are open on memorial day for chat. Otherwise, I may just submit a service request.

After the last reset, I lost some of the apps such as the solitaire collection. Some apps have a blank square. The other user I created on the laptop still has the solitaire collection. I cannot find how to restore the missing apps. I tried downloading the “free” solitaire collection app at Lenovo to restore it on the account with it missing, and it will not download. This may be a windows 10 problem, but frankly the unit is useless to me if it will only work plugged in.

To say I regret this purchase is an understatement and does not begin to cover the frustration and hours wasted trying to resolve the battery problem.

I have had fewer problems from the refurbished products I purchased from Woot than from this new, full warranty Yoga 11e.

I’m sorry for the problem. With most computers, the registration date is set to the date it was sold to the retailer. Then the customer registers the computer and it resets to the purchase date.

I’m not sure why they’re no help you with this. You might contact them again to see if you can get a different representative.

For anyone who cares, I believe this is the 1st Gen Yoga 11e. They’re on the 3rd Gen now.

If you’d like to see how this older version handles the installed Windows 10, here’s a video of a guy who updated his 8.1 version to Windows 10 recently.

Lenovo ThinkPad YOGA 11e with Windows 10 Upgrade REAL OWNER

I believe you’re right; here are the specs I found for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gen:

But looking at the specs, this model has a N2940 CPU, while the 3rd gen has the N3150.
Checking CPUBoss, it seems like in fact, the N2940 is faster than the newer N3150.

Getting all the drivers for this thing to work right in a fresh Windows 10 install has been a major pain.

I finally got the touchscreen working by downloading and installing the I2C driver from Lenovo’s website. You have to right click on the I2C system devices inside Device Manager and manually choose the new driver.

Still having issues getting the keyboard and touchpad to turn off in tent/tablet mode. Do not expect a pleasant experience or good documentation if you choose to reinstall Windows.

Wow, that’s… weird! Looks like the only thing the newer processor has as a benefit is being able to support an addition external monitor, and the memory bandwidth is double. It’s also minorly more power efficient… but… the older processor is the clear winner IMO on benchmarks.

Thanks for the link!

Luckily, Windows 10 comes preinstalled on these, so for most people that won’t be a concern.

Just picked up 3 of these last week. Every time I plug them in, either the screen goes haywire or it goes into a never ending reboot loop. Unplug it and it works like a charm. This is 2 for 2, in multiple outlets and swapping plugs.

Any ideas?

Sadly, lots of other “stuff” comes preinstalled on them as well. I doubt most people want to run manufacturer bloatware on a little Celeron.

There isn’t anything lucky about a laptop without good driver support for >$250

I’m leery about the celeron processor, but I do like the quad core (I frequently multitask, and have 10 or more tabs open on a browser). Would computer of this type (i.e. Lenovo Yoga)with a dual core i5 be a better value, or would the quad core celeron be sufficient? I wouldn’t mind spending more (~$100) on the i5, if the extra performance is worth it. For example, I’ve seen a refurbished Surface Pro 2 with a dual core i5.

install windows 10 with fresh install - load the intel touch driver
it’s much better

I have four now - 1 at $269
1 at $215 open box that I found as far as lenovo is concerned - has full warranty
bought two more at $215 open box armed with info after receipt of first
1st open box, box was beat to just this side of death - contents fine.
next two were pristine.

all three ‘open box’ were unopened, new refused shipments from whomever ordered at 269

have windows 10 fresh boot on one w/ android dual boot
have stock lenovo bloatware on one
have various linux and fresh 10 on other two

all working nicely.

Fresh win 10 is MUCH better than lenovo bloatware.

About four months ago, I bought a NextBook from Walmart for $200.00 on sale. It is normally $227.00. It also has a 11.6 inch screen and comes with a keyboard. My four year old stepped on the tablet while it was at the side of my bed and broke the touch screen. I replaced the touch screen but found the back of the unit cracked in pieces. That is why I bought the Lenovo. It is a much better value than the fragile NextBook as it come with double the RAM and double the solid state storage. It also have a faster CPU.

I watched some videos on YouTube showing a car running over the Lenovo Yoga 11.6e. My wife saw how durable the unit is and asked me to order two more for the boys.

This is a great little tablet/laptop replacement. My wife felt bad about having spent $750.00 for a Dell 13.3 inch after seeing this one.

I’m trying to find an explanation of how to upgrade the RAM. Do I need to somehow unplug the battery?

see page 54

"Disabling the built-in battery
Before replacing any FRU, ensure that you have disabled the built-in battery by doing the following:

  1. Turn off your computer and disconnect the ac power adapter and all cables from the computer.
  2. Turn on your computer. When the ThinkPad logo is displayed, immediately press F1 to enter ThinkPad
  3. Select Config ➙ Power. The Power submenu is displayed.
  4. Select Disable built-in battery and press Enter.
  5. Select Yes in the Setup Confirmation window. The built-in battery is disabled and the computer turns off
    automatically. Wait three to five minutes to let the computer cool."

not needed for upgrade - you can also unplug the battery by carefully pulling on the black tabs