Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11.6" Touch Ultrabook

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Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11.6" Touch Ultrabook
Price: $269.99
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how old is this model?

Check out the product page

Probably brand new as it has Windows 10. Lenovo is known to release products later than other manufacturers by as much as 6 months.
Windows 10 was released at the end of July 2015, and manufacturers aren’t usually allowed by Microsoft to have PCs with a new OS prior to the OS’s actual release date.

Anyone know if this model has a built in digitizer?

Yes it does, hence the “Touch” designation and all the “Touchscreen” and “multitouch” references in the product description.

The first 11e versions go back about a year-and-a-half, although this is a new laptop and is up-to-date with Win10.

I did research on these before purchasing the Chromebook version of this, which is nearly identical otherwise. They are chunky but durable models, intended for students (hence the “e” for “education”.) Performance (and display resolution) are disappointing for the MSRP, but at this price I think it’s a decent buy.

This is the full-convertible, touchscreen version albeit with Windows and an SSD instead of an HDD (from what I gather, the original Windows models from late 2014 had a 500 GB HDD, so I suppose you could consider this slightly-refreshed version as a more recent model, referring back to the original question.)

The keyboard is particularly nice for a sort-of-entry-level device (I think this thing is too chunky & low-end to be designated an Ultrabook, but whatever) but again the display is somewhat small (with a huge bezel) and low-resolution albeit IPS.

Performance on the Windows version will be fine for non-gaming tasks, but battery life is pretty mediocre for a contemporary laptop; expect 5 hours maybe.

This exact model came out in late 2014 with windows 8.1 Pro. I’m typing this on one right now, so it’s still a pretty decent system.

Multi-touch with fingers only. No Wacom pen support.

Dude, seriously, you are expecting a HD or 4k resolution and a i5 or i7 processor for $269? This is a decent and well built laptop for very little coin. Lenovo has the best keyboards on the market. I am typing on one now.

Does this model have a 10 key built in? As opposed to just the number line at the top of the keyboard. I can’t tell from the pics. I do a ton of spread sheet & numbers only data entry, so this is a must.

No, there’s no separate numeric keypad on it. No space for it on most laptops-
You could always just get a separate full sized USB keyboard, if you don’t really need to carry it around with you.

Great little notebook with a very low end processor. This processor rates at the bottom of the benchmark charts. Unfortunate, because I would’ve bought 3 of them…

I imagine this would be a good purchase for someone (me) who would use it mostly for Google Doc work and internet surfing?

notice from the picture that, assuming everything’s proportional, either that guy’s hand is really small or the screen is like 18".

Can someone who has used one of these, comment on its use in tablet mode. Like it or not? Why?

Does anyone know if this comes with a stylus or can be used with one – for drawing? A youtube video shows one.


He specifically says, “disappointing for the MSRP, but at this price I think it’s a decent buy”. MSRP is $800, and I would expect HD and an i5 at that price.

I love mine so much. Once you’ve had a touchscreen laptop, you can’t go back.

I’ve had it for almost a year now; still using what it came with, Win8.1.