Lenovo X1-Carbon 14" Touch Ultrabook

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Lenovo X1-Carbon 14" Touch Ultrabook
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Just an FYI for anyone interested, this is NOT the latest model. But rather, the 2013 model.

What’s the difference between the 2013 and 2014 model? Basically just the processor (and therefore battery life), and the keyboard. The model Woot is selling (2013) has a more conventional keyboard while the 2014 model is more special. Check out The Verge for details on the keyboard and all of the differences.

The main detail that buyers may be interested in, is that the 2014 model has a manufacturer stated 70% improvement in battery life due to the newer and more power efficient processor.

Time to check out the product page for the processor and check out this review for the processor over at futuremark.com

How about the ultra HD screen on the 2014 model? That will make a big difference too.

I guess I would be getting the Surface Pro 3 instead of this.

Was geared up to buy. But $ l,200 for a non Haswell? NOPE

SP3 1000% better decision. And this is coming from a 14 yr Lenovo fan.

I would even go to the extent to recommend the Dell Venue tablet on Woot Plus right now, at less than half the cost. Come on Woot! Up it and get us the 2014 model with the higher resolution screen.

So what makes this device have a MSRP of 2900 let alone a deal price of 1200? Is it the Lenovo name or the carbon. Just saw a better Lenovo deal at frys. Its not an ultrabook but the Lenovo notebook has a superior CPU, dedicated GPU, 4k display, 16gb of ram, and twice the size SSD for 200 more. Guess only difference that matters is the extra 2 lbs.


Just got a Surface Pro 3 and it is a great machine.

Perfectly reasonable price if it has a piece of fruit as its logo!

This is still a good deal for a Carbon. Personally I think the Yoga 2 is the best Lenovo ultrabook;mine draws reaction and envy every time I pull it out of the bag. That said, the X1 Carbon is a Lenovo business class machine and the series of their corporate series. My boss has one of the few in our company and next to the standard 410,520, etc bricks his is drool-worthy. How Lebovi comes up with $3 grand as the MSP is ridiculous though.

“sexiest of the corporate series” - darn autocorrect

The Lenovo Thinkpad line is business class. This means that it has a more rugged build for frequent moving, traveling, etc.

As far as the internal goodies, I’ll let the wooters speak on that.

This is a bad deal. Entry-level current-gen Carbon is $1250 with a newer processor, newer gpu, same SSD. Just need to add $100 to bump up the ram for a much better machine.

No idea what fantasy world this $3000 MSRP comes from.

Yup, I wouldn’t trust most laptops to survive the daily commute, but ThinkPads are one of the few exceptions.

We are not worrying about the built quality but rather the specs of this laptop in relation to the pricing given. Ignore the MSRP and talk about the selling price here at computerswoot! How is ~1200USD justified in light of the newer model and pretty competent competitors (one of it being Surface Pro 3 in this instance)? Maybe if this has the higher than full HD screen resolution, I would buy it. However right now, for about the same price, the Surface Pro 3 looks to me like a better deal.