Lenovo X1-Carbon 14" Touch Ultrabook

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Lenovo X1-Carbon 14" Touch Ultrabook
Price: $999.99
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Cnet Review

Thinkpad X1 Support (Select model)

Thinkpad X1 Carbon Hardware Maintenance Manual

This is the older Ivy Bridge processor, battery life is measurably shorter than the current Haswell version.

Additional info and reviews can be found on the product page and “excellent” review over at pcmag.com

The blurb about the laptop seems to be from Lenovo’s current site, which mentions things like the adaptive keyboard that doesn’t seem to be in the pictures from Woot. I think some of the features listed may not apply to the one actually being sold?

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Touchscreen with Windows 7 ???

What a dumb combination. Requires an immediate downgrade to 8.1 if you get it.

ya know woot? Artificially inflating the price of some no name blingy chintzy watch is ok, but on a brand name laptop? What do you think we are stupid?

Currently the newer, better spec’ed model is at Lenovo for $1330.


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This is the link to the previous sale: http://computers.woot.com/forums/viewpost.aspx?postid=5905861

Really woot!, you should have listened to us and give us at the very least the super hi-res screen and Haswell model.

Once again, people are being played. A 512gb ssd is just over 200 bucks so I fail to see why this lap top is so costly. I mean really? I just picked up an HP w/ 1.5tb drive, 16gb of ram for a couple hundred more (and it had a i7 & beats audio -not that was a selling point) Wondering if there’s a typo in the price, more like 499 or something?

wow, I just bought a much better speced ASUS laptop for $300 cheaper. Hopefully no one gets bamboozeled into buying one of these.

Nothing says you HAVE to touch the screen. Plus it comes with the WIN 8.1 key preinstalled (BIOS) so you’re ready to upgrade if you want.

Also, remember this is a business-class computer which means it’s built to be durable for traveling and lots of moving around. It has a docking port for a docking station and a carbon case for added strength. You’re not going to find many ultrabooks built like this.

One day I expressed an interest to buy a laptop. I bought one already from Best Buy. For three weeks the only emails I’ve received from Woot has been for laptops. I’ve bought an array of stuff from Woot over the years. Am about ready to hit the “quit” button here.

Keep in mind that the docking port is actually just a 3.0 USB port on the right. While this is the older version of the X1 Carbon and it has a slightly lower batter life, I would purchase it before a new one. The small tweaks to the trackpad/mouse, keyboard and removal of the tactile function keys make the newest X1 less of a business class laptop IMO.

I own this model X1 Carbon (albeit the i7/8GB model) and LOVE it. A friend owns this exact model and loves it.

Keep in mind it has a non-standard dimension SSD in it if you are planning on upgrading yourself.

$1000.00 for an older i5 and no discreet video too? Are you crazy? The touchscreen alone doesn’t warrant such a high price-point. Gimme a break, woot.

Business class. Sturdy build. Carbon case.

It has OneLink Dock Connector in addition to the USB 3.0 connectors.

Actually keeping Windows 7 may not be a bad idea for now. Windows 8/8.1 is a hot mess and many people are much happier using Windows 7 than Windows 8. I own several computers with Windows 8/8.1 and I prefer Windows 7 hands down…who cares about the touchscreen for the Windows 8 apps?! Their app store is weak and their apps don’t always perform as well as their IOS and Android counterparts. This is why Microsoft recently discontinued their production of Windows RT tablets whose only function (outside of their preloaded Office 2013 programs) was limited to their apps from their app store. People just aren’t buying into that part of the Microsoft ecosystem.

Which would you prefer, this 14 inch Carbon X1 Touch with older processor, lower battery life, and Windows 7 (Windows 8 upgrade) or the Lenovo Yoga 2 with better processor, smaller screen (13.1 inch) and less comfortable keyboard?

I actually think I like the Carbon X1 better.