LG 55" OLED 4K 120 HZ TV

Any idea of the company that did the refurbishing?

I’m also curious if this was factory refurbished or a 3rd party.

There are two explicit types of refurbishing on Woot: “Refurbished” and “Factory Refurbished”.

These are third party refurbs. As another poster pointed out, manufacturer refurbs as classified as “factory reconditioned” on our site.

I have one of these, it looks amazing i love the picture; the blacks are so dark. I have never seen a TV that looks anything close to this good.

That said after 2 years of owning it, beware of image retention. I have some permanent image retention on this display; it’s hard to notice unless the TV is on a specific color, and that color is pretty static; but it’s there. LG isn’t interested in a warranty claim and the extended warranty i got though Best Buy is also not interested in covering it. so beware if you watch a lot of news, or sports, things with static images, it’s a risk.

Looking at the model #, this is the 2017 version (indicated by the “7” in the model) and is the low end version (indicated by the “B”, with C being mid range and E being high end).

I have the 2018 55” version (which I got new from QVC for 1299) and I love it. The “magic” remote is a little odd and takes some getting used to, but it’s a good TV overall. Colors are great, sound is ok, clarity is amazing. Again, I so not have the B7P, I have the B8P, so it may be different.

One thing about the B’s is they tend to use the previous years processor. So my 2018 B has the 2017 C/E processor. I assume this 2017 B uses the 2016 processor. The 2016 processor supposedly can’t to high frame rates and is not as bright, so that may be something to consider.

Do research! Tons of videos out there. I personally would look for a 2018 version, but this one is significantly cheaper as the price for a new one was 30% more than the previous years refurbished version.

Have you tried a ‘panel refresh’?
Also do you keep the firmware up to date… as newer firmware detects static pixels and dims them.
Do you use the ‘vivid’ picture setting? if so, don’t, use the expert mode that doesn’t saturate the image. ‘Vivid’ makes the TV look like a Samsung attempting to make up for the lack of color and contrast.

Not sure if this is a “deal” or not. I bought a NEW 55" C8 this year for $1649 shipped. New model and the new processor for this year. Still a beautiful picture on these. But, at this price, I’d try to find a deal on the current models and at least Factory Refurbished if not new.

To be fair $1649 is a LOT more and not even a good comparison. If you could find a 2018 refurb for like $200 more that would be worth a mention - but 65% higher cost isn’t very helpful.

If you go to rtings.com you will see that the panel has the same picture as the higher end 2017 models. The difference is the sound. The high end models have included sound bars. You can read their review of this TV here: https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/lg/b7-b7a-oled

On that note, I bought this deal and it looks great. Other than the No Logo packaging and taped up plastic bag the manual was in everything looked like it came right out of the factory. The picture is amazing. I followed a few tweaking guides to make everything just so. OLED is definitely the way to go for 4K HDR TV.