LG 65" OLED 4K 120 HZ TV

Link to the RTings review, excellent TV! https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/lg/b7-b7a-oled

These are the 2017 models and refurbs. Honestly you will probably be able to score a brand new 2018 model C8 for this price around black friday. The new 2018 models have much better processors and image up-scaling abilities.

Any details about what level of refurbishment these have been through? Are they “like new?” Or can we expect possible nicks/dings, or uneven display performance / lighting, or possible burn-in?

Almost $2,000.00 for a USED television from LG… Mmm baby, where do I sign up for that deal

Some thoughts from someone who just bought the 65” version from a third party seller on Amazon ($100 more, but no tax so a wash). Tldr version: it’s a hell of a TV.

  1. Picture lived up to the hype (I never expected it to look as good as store displays, but it does) though it should be noted that performance is reliant on the quality of the input (Netflix Ultra HD, watching Moana for example).

  2. The Atmos stuff requires a LOT of speaker work/placement. While I doubt folks think the TV speakers (which are actually really good) produce that sound Woot could be a bit clearer about that in the ad copy imo

  3. If you do buy it and want it mounted, the Amazon install option (can buy ala carte there) struck me as good value. For the 65” version it was about $120 and included the wall mount and two guys who installed it quickly and well.

  4. From what I have read the difference between the LG B8 and C8 is marginal at best except for perhaps some real edge cases (gaming?) and (again based on my understanding from web research) Black Friday deals aren’t as great for higher end TVs as they are for more mid range and lower ones. Given these points, I would strongly consider getting this if you are not scared off by the refurb label.

These are the B7 models not the B8s. This honestly is a terrible deal for an old model refurb. Like you said, buy a new B8 or C8 for just a little bit more and enjoy the best brand new TV money can buy.

agree…except for the last one…

with the prices I am seeing…and the processor upgrade…I would wait til Black Friday if you can…Got a feeling there are some major deals looming…

Paid $1899 two Black Fridays ago and they ran out so they upgraded me to this model in January when they shipped it…

Did the install…But back then…They guys I had…It was there first LG OLED with their proprietary wall mount…I am sure they have done a ton since…You do not want to drop a $2000 item you just paid for…

Knock on Wood…Not a problem in 20 months…

Great screen, Pricy offering.

  • This is the lower “B” model with much less features than the C/E/W models.
  • This is from 2017 model.
  • This is a refurb from a year that had a lot of striping issues.

By shopping carefully, in July I bought a New, 2018 65” ‘C’ for $2,200, including tax and shipping.

This is a few hundred cheaper, but you lose a lot for the savings.

A good article for those trying to learn LG’s lineup schema: https://www.stuff.tv/features/every-2017-lg-oled-tv-detailed

And here are the 2018s: https://www.trustedreviews.com/news/new-lg-tv-3430469

I’m passing on this because of the non-factory refurbishing and I think I’ll succumb to vanity and get the glass version.

I bought this the last time the deal was up and the TV is seriously awesome. I don’t know what the newer processor or whatever will get you, but the picture is AMAZING - way better than the Samsumg MU8000 I returned. Remember, the panel is the SAME as the top of the line W7.

The interface is so nice and works so fast. I’ve had laggy TVs, and this is not one. Another reason I’m not sure I care about the processor.

Netflix 4k HDR or even just 1080p stuff looks really good. I haven’t even tried bluray yet.

The wifi works well. Even just using an N router (does this tv have AC?) it loads 4k no problem.

Again, maybe if I brought the 2018 tv into my living room and compared side by side I’d see a difference, but this TV is awesome.

And I cannot find the 65" under 2k so I don’t know what anyone is talking about in that regard.

My only negative is the speakers are kinda garbage. They’re ok, but even a cheap sound bar is better. But now I have to use a separate sound bar remote :frowning:

The faster processor will give you better “Tru-Motion” in sports and et al…That being said…I do not have a problem with the unit I have…No choppiness at all…

Hard press to beat this deal from back in March https://slickdeals.net/f/11406927-refurbished-lg-oled65b7p-65-oled-1250-shipping-walmart-com?src=SiteSearchV2_SearchBarV2Algo1 … I do love this TV.

If these were the 2016 version with 3D, I would jump on it! We have 2 LG OLED TVs already (3D models) and absolutely LOVE them!!

What color is the case? It appears to be white in some photos and silver in others.

highly doubt that. i bought my 65" b7a last year for 2200 and black friday had nothing lower.

all models had the same panel. you’re getting the same picture quality either way.

I got the B7 from costco black friday pricing for 2600 last year. I don’t think you’ll see the B8 or C8 (same TV) for this low a price.

Also, this is an incredible TV. Beyond awesome looking. You won’t find a better set (except a higher model of the same LG OLED like the E8). OLED is just that good.

The Mainboard and Timing Control Board fried on mine, juuuust out of warranty. These are junk.

Think Onkyo with bad HDMI board bad.


The new LG C series oled in 65 inch on sale right now is $2700 at best buy, any one who reads this and thinks the C8 will be less than 2000 on or near black friday is smoking weed. They just don’t have to give this TV away. The B8 model, currently at $2200 (at 500 off right now) might go lower…but the available stock will be limited. This 2017 model is an excellent choice, hard pressed to find any picture nicer- especially if you are coming from a 5 year old or older LED panel. The “better” processors in the 2018 may not result in so much as a better picture, but more in home integration. My 2 cents

That poster who said he got a NEW 65 C8 for $2200 is wrong. The C8 in July was 3700