LG C9 4K Smart OLED TV w/ AI ThinQ

LG C9 4K Smart OLED TV w/ AI ThinQ

Lovely TV set (I’ve installed and calibrated two of this exact model, but I’m still rocking my older gen 2016 E6)… You really can’t beat OLED for the emissive screen benefits of pure, inky blacks, and amazing picture in rooms with somewhat controlled lighting. LCD-based panels can still pack a wallop as far as the total light output, if you have needs like rooms that are consistently very brightly lit. But OLED has developed so well, and LG offers such a compelling package in this generation in particular, with the built-in WebOS smart TV features being better than most, amazing calibration tools, AirPlay, the best and newest in HDMI 2.1 features (mostly for gamers, for now, since it mostly targets high frame rates, auto game-mode, and variable refresh like Nvidia’s G-Sync), and the peace of mind that permanent screen burn is almost completely a thing of the past if you don’t watch the same exact material for literally a dozen hours each day, 24/7/365.

But I’ve been trying to get onto the actual offer page for 20 minutes, unsuccessfully, with the desktop site and mobile apps throwing errors the whole time. Guess nobody wants to let me buy a TV…?

Edit: 28 minutes after it went live, I could get the live page, and saw a refurbished sign. Whole lot less excited, but it still is an amazing TV.

Looking into it.

Desktop site accessible now. Thanks.

Well, it is working from the forums but not from the Electronics main page. Someone is looking at it now. :w_happy:

UPDATE: Fixed. Buy ALL the TVs.

The description says " With WiSA, the best in wireless audio is built-in", But this is the AUA model contrary to the PUA model, the AUA model does not have WiSA support.

OLED is amazing, especially with DV content. $1149 is really not a great deal for a refurb with a 90 day warranty. Costco has had the 55” b9 for $1200 plus a $100 gift card (net $1100) with a 3-year squaretrade warranty included. And eBay has had the b8 (2018) model (new not refurb) for an astonishing $899. Add $51 for a 2-year ST warranty. Free shipping/delivery on both of those options, too. Yes I realize this offering is the C9…I’d still say be patient.

I’ve not seen great oled deals from woot…ever?

Some poor Amazon reviews, particularly about the refurbed Woot models.

The only fault of OLEds is the often talked about burn in …pay attention gamers or CNN watchers

that and the glossy finish of the actual screen can pick up an awful lot of reflective glare.

The C9 from a picture quality stand point isn’t much different ( despite what LG claims) than the lower cost B9 or B8 if you can find them.

this price for a refurb is just OK

OLEDs have glossy finishes? That is not good, too much refection.