LG Google Nexus 5X (VZN/GSM)(S&D)

This is probably a really dumb question, but is there anything about this phone being Verizon that would impact its functions? Specifically, would there be any problem using it with Project Fi? I’ve been looking for inexpensive, non-spyware-containing smart phones for family members and I really like MY Nexus 5x, but I got mine direct from google.

Being unlocked, it will work with Project Fi.

I would be careful, though, considering it is refurbished. Out of the 3 refurbished items I have purchased, only one worked right.

I have this phone. I would not recommend it even at this price. It is a ticking time bomb that will die on you.

Just look up Nexus 5x Bootloop to find out more.

Yeah, mine stopped charging after a year and a half. [Of course, it was new and from google and I got the protection plan, so it was fine.] But that’s the other reason I’m hesitating.

Mine bootlooped just last week, 3 days out of warranty. Supposedly LG is going to fix it, but I can’t wait two weeks so it’s just going to be a backup. Since these are already refurbished, LG won’t fix them for you if they bootloop.

It’s a great phone if you’re okay with the possibility that it will be dead in 6-12 months. A shame LG really screwed up a lot of their recent build quality, my Nexus 4 is still kickin after 5 years (as a development device)