LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

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LifeStraw Personal Water Filter
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very good reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) over at

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Here’s a video review.

I use these for backwoods hiking: lightweight, pretty durable, and
you can drink the cold water instantly
on a hot day…unlike with a Steri-pen (short wait) or Aqua Mira drops (good, but long wait). Only drawback is that you can’t use any flavoring in the water, as you can with those other methods. Also, not a bad idea if you’re the type that thinks a “bug out” kit will help you in zombie apocalypse…

If it works on urine. I’m in for 3. Not that I would use it like that, but it would just scream how amazing this product is.

With $5 shipping it’s same price it’s always been at Amazon. Nothing special.

Where is the LifeStraw made?

Your urine is already sterile. Feel free to drink away, no lifestraw required.

Huh. My sister was just talking about this today. She spent a week hiking through the amazon in Peru with a couple of local guides, but they couldn’t carry water for more than their first day. She said they were boiling river water to drink, but it was still full of minerals with an off flavor that left her feeling dehydrated. When she used this straw (a gift from our brother), she said it was amazing the difference in taste - “like Evian.” It no longer left her feeling dehydrated, either. I might have to get one for myself.

Does Bear Grylls approve ?

Wish it worked with salt water.

they need this on naked and afraid.

As seen in the TED Talk - it’s pretty amazing.

  1. Urine is not sterile. Here’s just one link:
    As a former biologist and medtech, I wasn’t surprised at the findings.

  2. The “Naked and Afraid” bit just reinforces a thought:
    I’d like to go hiking with Bear Grylls.
    I’d like to go camping with Bare Girls.

The TED talk is demonstrating a different product, a $200 water filter bottle.

ok so please explaine how bear grylls is the same with naked and afraid? he sends his team in to preview an area first, then he goes in

  1. A much better article explains the tech and the lifestraw filter.

  2. As you read on you may find that the filter pore is 0.2 microns or 200nm for the personal version and 0.02 microns or 20nm for the family version.

  3. The personal version is not virus safe for things like polio(30nm diameter) and ebola(80nm diameter). while the family version is.

(Edited due to mistake in reading decimals… lol)