Linksys Networking

Um, Amazon has the same 24 port switch, new (rather than refurbed) for exactly the same price.

Why would I buy it here, exactly?

Good price for the Linksys WRT1900AC router, provided that they don’t charge tax in your location.

I have one. It has better range than my trusty Asus RT-AC66U.

5 bucks cheaper and new from amazon site

And the same router, refurbed (@ Linksys?) from Linksys, for $10 more, free shipping. Get it from manufacturer if you’ve got any refurb concerns …

The EA6500 can run DD-WRT. The standard firmware on these routers isn’t very good, but installing DD-WRT makes them bulletproof.

I was interested in picking this up but decided not to because of my previous experiences with linksys routers never lasting beyond a year without wifi becoming terribly degraded. Is it just the firmware that has given this router such horrible ratings on amazon and newegg?