Little Giant 19’ M-22 Ladder System

Not for fat people :frowning: They had a 22’ ladder of similar abilities at Home Depot for about $150 last time I looked, and it was rated for 300lbs.

Little Giants are definitely awesome. LOVE mine. Everyone with a house should own one.

I own one of these, and it’s the best ladder I ever purchased. If you own a house, get one.


WOW GO WOOT :slight_smile:

True the Werner goes for $150. I’ve used it and I only weighed probaly 140 at the time. It held up ok but didn’t seem like the Werner was built that well. From what I’ve seen the Little Giants are built pretty well.

I’ll say what I usually say about it. I have one, they are well-built (but watch out for those locking pins - they have to be secure, and they can pinch you pretty hard) but they are heavy if you are not strong. Mine usually sits in the garage while I use a much lighter old wooden ladder. This ladder is great if you need more than one configuration, lots of height and stability, and strength.

love love love my little giant

Now I can finally reach those foxes playing with my gutter leaves. They’re clogging the spouts!

I love that song, “I wanna take you higher” by Sly and the Family Ladder.

Just reminds me of this infomercial:


Little Giant makes wheel attachments. Mine have them. You lean the ladder over and can drag the ladder on the wheels. Pretty convenient.

This one appears to be rated to 250lbs, according to Woot’s description. I weigh 254lbs so I suppose I won’t be buying one.

And no, I’m not a fatty, though I am a few pounds overweight for my height. Sometimes it sucks being really tall.

Here’s a video review. Noice!

Bought one last time, expecting it to hold my weight…It is VERY shaky to me at 210 lbs. It is supposed to hold much more weight. I would NEVER buy one again. My wife LOVES it, she weights about 119 lbs, very light for her to carry around. Just saying, so you know! It is a very nice ladder, if you don’t weight too much!!

Here is a Previous Woot!.

Here it is at Amazon (19ft version). 17 or 22’ version..

And the product website

Woot seems to be going for the ‘Great Father’s day gifts’ lately. This is waay too big for Smartpost, so with ground shipping there is actually a decent chance it would get delivered by Father’s day as well.

EDIT: Fixed Amazon link to one that references 19’ instead of 22’. And fixed wrong links (I need sleep!)

these are heavy but awesome. The contractor and painter who fixed up my house have both stopped by to borrow it when they are in the area. Very stable. Also it’s amazing to fit a ladder with that much extension into an suv. For around the house I have a smaller lighter ladder since I was sick of dinging the walls muscling the heavy little giant around. Nonetheless, it’s an awesome ladder.

I agree…I’m 245lbs and I was hesitant to get this the last time the 22’ came around. This type of ladder is amazing; what with all the different positions and styles it does. But I went with the 22’ ladder at home depot (actually got it on sale for $99). I could be mistaken, but the one I own is a bit lighter, too.

Oh of course when these come up we can’t resist re-posting the infamous QVC Ladder Fail.

And of course CVN’s version of Ladder Fail.

And finally, here from Little Giant Ladder’s youtube channel is a video demoing a similar ‘classic’ ladder. (no bloopers here!)

Once it’s up I can move it ok, usually. It’s getting it from the garage and extending it that takes too much muscle for me these days. It isn’t too bad if there are two of you.

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