Little Giant AltaOne 17 Ladder



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Little Giant AltaOne 17 Ladder
$159.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: New

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What can I say, to go from lighter Pirate Guns to this, it makes ones heart sink


Finally I have have a way to reach my high shelves to store all the woot-junk I bought yesterday.


lmfao a ladder come on


Makes me wish I was in the market for a ladder.


I own one of these, myself. I recently figured out that the last few worst woot offs ever were a result from inadvertently walking under this ladder.


Though this is unrelated to the ladder, why do we have to pay $5.00 for shipping again after the woot-off? If I recall correctly, it’s not yet midnight CST.

I’m cheap and I don’t really want to spend another $5.00…


Yes, Little Giants are kinda-sorta pricy but the stability and flexibility are well worth it. If you’re uncomfortable using a ladder, this is the ladder to buy (and I speak from experience).


It is midnight CST. The woot-off is over and this is Thursday’s sale that was posted at midnight.


My free shipping lasted until 11:00pm PST yesterday so I was thinking that 11:00PST = 00:00 CST.

Oh well, I should have just double checked a global clock.


Heavy…oh so heavy. And the rungs are narrow and kind of slick for wide feet. And not as easy to change configurations as they make it look. Mine is gathering dust, unfortunately.


Time for one more short blurb:

12 reviews at CPO, mostly good, $219.99, but video is for slightly different model on their page:,default,pd.html?cgid=little-giant-alta-one-ladders#alta-one-1-content

25 reviews at product website, $229.99

and their instructional video page:

and owner’s manual:

Good night.


Is this the same ladder the guy falls into in the famous live infomercial blooper?

He saying “look how easy to use and sturdy this is.” Just then Cra-plplpl-crack.


I’ve been waiting for an extension ladder. Woohoo!




Woot please get a little giant pro, or a Costco next time this crap with the type 1 ladders have got to stop. They are of no use to anyone except m
Kids and midgets who want to carry pillows up the ladder. The rest of us who need to take tools and what not up and down ladders need one that is safe for over 250 lbs.


That was the Flex-O-Ladder:




It is a little heavy, how ever I have no issues changing configurations, and I’m short, only 5’5. I love my little giant (that I got from Woot).

Great multiple configurations, and very sturdy, well made.

My version does not have the tool/paint tray nor the wheels (wish it did).

Other wise, its a good deal IMO