Little Giant 15 Foot Ladder System

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Little Giant 15 Foot Ladder System
$129.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Little Giant Model M17 15 Foot Ladder System

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Isn’t this the same price as Costco/Sams Club?

There’s a 4 star review on Buzzillions.

seen this on an infomercial, always wanted one, but i see this only goes to 15 feet… not tall enough for a 2 story house

I’m in!

These can be unstable when fully extended due to the small amount of give in the joints: can cause the feet of the ladder to slip.
Watch here


Lil Giants are the shit!

If you don’t have one, buy one…literally the last ladder you’ll ever buy.

…until you have to manhandle a 40 foot one, then you wished you would have opted for the scissor lift or hired someone else to do it.

I’m too fat for this woot.

What’s the weight limit?

Points to website ----> Here

Nope. Costco is $199.99 for the m17

Have to agree with the other poster about height for 2-story houses: this model is inadequate.

yinz might find this helpful:

pee ess this is a re-woot, got one last time.

Costco is $170

250 pounds

It does the job of three ladders because it weighs as much as three ladders. If you need to transport it a lot, this is not the ladder for you.

I just bought a 17’ extension/step ladder from Menards for $95.00. It works great and extends to fit all different sizes of step ladders and different angles and different length extension ladders.

Save yourself even more money and buy the store brand like at Menards instead of the name ‘Little Giant’.

(but overall, these ladders are great and so much better than buyer 4 seperate ladders!!)

I <3 the Woot writers!

Holds 250 lbs? Wasn’t Al from Home Improvement the spokesman for this? No 'fense to him, but, I think me might be pushing 250.