Live Long and Prospurr

Congratulations on the print Fablefire!
Live long and prospurr was going to be my submission for tomorrow’s derby - Back to the drawing board =/



It seems only logical to buy this shirt.

This could NOT be any cuter!!!

A really sweet break from the chaos around us. This is the kind of Kitty people should be grabbing!

Congrats, Fablefire!!!

I wish the cat’s ears were more pointed.

Didn’t want to go with “Pawspurr,” huh?

You beat me to it. A lost opportunity.

Thanks Shirt.Woot! I’m glad some of you like it. :smiley:

Sorry about that. I’ve had that happen twice. FeelsBadMan :frowning:

@sswilcox and @ChronoMATT - It was pawspurr in my first draft. Two puns in one word was too punny for me though and it didn’t make the cut.

Live Wrong and Perspire.

No pic

Am I the only one that looks at this and thinks the cat is dragging its butt on the carpet?

No, you’re not. Live Long and Get De-wormed?

Ummmm… Captain? I’m not sure that performing your personal grooming “down there” is entirely appropriate while on the Bridge.

So very sick of cat shirts… Do you guys actually sell this crap… I have tons and tons of shirts from Havent bough one in a year or so… Since the let’s put a friggin cat on every shirt period started. I am going to stop coming here to see what’s new if this bag o crap doesn’t get better.

The last 6 or 7 shirts that I bought were cat shirts, so someone is buying them :slight_smile:

WOOT! Why no K4 or K6 in either brand?!
My kid Would LOVE this! My wife usually has me buy matching shirts for them both, so this loses two sales. :frowning:

So cute! Love the cat shirts.

I can skip laundry day for over two years, and I can’t even claim a ton of shirts. 2,000 pounds is a lot!

There were catshirts here since the first year of shirt.woot back in 2007.

Do you vote?


Lack of blanks in inventory. :frowning: