Orbiting Felis Prime

What’s with all the cat stuff? This cat trend is long due for dying out.

Sick of all the cat BS. Woot is not getting my money today. Plus, new designs are cool and all, but a lot of these are disappointing. Usually the shirts disappear fast… notice how long these are taking to clear.

Down with cats

My sediments, exactly.

Enough cat shirts, already. If you want to please the masses you really need to quit.

I would really appreciate it, if you sold the one from the American themed derby with the man and his dog siting under the stars and stripes tree (I wish I could remember the name) . I would buy the crap out of it.

Helgram colors are excellent colors.

I, OTOH, am pleased to say that this is another cat shirt I couldn’t resist. Lotsa stuff going on today, and I had completely forgotten about the Woot-off…but I happened to get here just in time to snag this baby for $10.

You’re hilarious XDDD The $10 sale is good for a half hour, then gets bumped to $12. It has nothing to do with ‘selling out’, so to speak. It’s just the best way to show when the time is over for that particular dollar amount.

And cats sell shirts ~shrugs~ When people stop buying them, woot will stop selling them. Besides, that Necronamicat design was epic in creativity and execution. Don’t have to be a cat lover to appreciate it.