Logitech USB Headset w/Noise Cancelling Mic

Logitech USB Headset w/Noise Cancelling Mic

Got this last year to wfh. Still using it and it is a solid yes from me if you’re wondering should you get it.

I THINK that device in the middle of the cord, between the headset and the USB connector, MAY be a cord-take-up reel to give a longer “tether length” attaching you to the [whatever].

And maybe not. You’d think they’d mention that as a positive thing…

Looked at the manual and it doesn’t mention that feature. Neither did the Amazon page.

Well okay, then - it just LOOKS like a useful feature. Not a deal-killer, if I wanted to get farther away I’d have gone for a full-wireless headset…

I have this headset and it’s WELL worth the price. That is a mute/volume control button on the cord.

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That’s a Volume/Mute fob. Volume up/down and mic. mute.

Got two, I’ll deal with it. Tanks!

I got 10 of these bad boys. Still waiting on the shipping notice though!

Same here, I got one of these and it still hasn’t shipped.

Got this too on 5/26. Still not delivered, and it is 6/6. What the heck Woot?

Hi all. Not sure why Amazon hasn’t shipped these yet. I sent an email asking if we can look into it.


So what did they have to say for themselves?

There was an error with the inventory listing in that it had an expiration date. We’re asking each warehouse to remove that setting so the orders can be fulfilled.

An email has been sent to customers.

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I got the email. Thank you so much for looking out for us. Woot Woot!!

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Just an FYI, I received the headset today. The packaging was smashed up because it was shipped in a plastic Amazon envelope. It was also previously opened by someone but it seems to work just fine.

I still have not received it, not did I receive an email. I sent an email asking when it would be shipped, and was told it may be lost so I responded with “send me a replacement”. That was on the 5th. I still haven’t heard back.

Hi there. You were on the list that got an email. Note that Woot emails go to the email address on your Woot account, not your Amazon login if used/different.

Orders are slowly starting to ship. CS is monitoring them.

I never received one of the special emails. I received the standard Woot shipment notification emails on the 7th. It was delivered 2 days later through a company I’ve never heard of, Swiship. YMMV

From what I’ve gathered, Swiship just allows you to track packages delivered by Amazon vehicles since they don’t go through regular shipping services. They aren’t the actual shipper. If the tracking number starts with TBA, then it’s an Amazon Logistics shipment.