Logitech Wireless Music System Add on Receiver

Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Logitech Wireless Music System Add on Receiver
$19.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New , OEM
product(s): 1 Logitech Wireless Music System Add on Receiver 980442-0403

Hmmm… doesn’t come with a mixer…

so do i have to have a main unit, or are these standalone?

Woot said; "Requires transmitter from Logitech Headphones for iPod " Are those the wireless ones I bought on Woot for my iPod? Anyone know? Thanks! :slight_smile:

:() Nevermind… You have to read the whole write up you know! Woot Said; “The thing is, in order to use this thing, you’ve got to already own the transmitter that comes with Logitech’s wireless headphones for your computer, iPod or other mp3 player. Are you one of the thousands of people who’ve bought those from us? If so, this item’s for you”. So Yeah! I got it!

well…guess I should have bought the wireless headphones earlier…SOB’s

uhh ok… you have to buy random woots to use this… weak sauce

Oh for the love of goodness - do you even read the descriptions before you post?

I have to say Woot… That’s just plain mean selling something that needs something else that you sold not too long ago! Now you’re REALLY trying to make us buy EVERYTHING that you guys sell!

But hey, that’s also an extremely good marketing strategy! So the people at woot really do know what they’re doing!

I guess I might as well be useful and include some links as well:

Manufacturers Page:


Froogle average is around $35.00… so another great buy at Woot.com!

I woulda bought the headphone if I knew this was coming and I would buy this if I owned the headphones. Woot! You’re killing me.

So I’m going to bed.

Read the Description next time before trying to get the first minute post in… duh!


lame… i thought this was really cool until i realized you need the full system first :frowning:

product haiku

oh where will it end
inter-woot dependencies
no music for me

You have to have the intelligence to read and understand the product description.

Damn, I totally would have bought this if it had the transmitter. :frowning: Maybe a different type of Two for Tuesday could be worked out… Wink wink. No, that wasn’t dirty.

A woot with a prerequisite woot? Ya gotta be kidding me. Besides, isn’t my MP3 player already handshaking with my computer/speaker system? Hope someone will explain how this is better. Night woot.

Never posted on woot before…but anything wireless for music?? Icky. Even top end wireless music transmitters are terrible compaired to old fashion wire. The short time it takes to hook your speaker up the old way is worth it if you enjoy quality sound. I’ll pass.

Thinking this would be alot more useful without the pre-requisite purchase, or at least some easy way to purchase the transmitter as an add-on.

At least it’s not Playskool’s “My First Turntable”

What do u use to actually listen music to…
wireless headphones?

I bought the wireless Logitech headphones a while ago during the Woot-Off (still waiting for em :frowning: ) and im wondering if they’ll work with these… what would these be used for??