Logitech Wireless USB Music System for PC



I own the product, has a nice sound to it.


The perfect addition to any college dorm :slight_smile: count me in for one! thanks woot!


Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Logitech Wireless USB Music System for PC
$39.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Logitech Wireless USB Music System for PC 980414-0403


Is it Mac compatible? :wink:


Manufacturer’s website:


Listed at $149.99. Great woot!


Awww crap. I already have one of these. It works pretty good but my house is begining to look like a Logitech lab.


Can I make this work with LINUX?


I own this, and it is awesome, totally worth the money.
Great sound, I use it in my dorm.

I would really love the remote, mine didn’t come with that.


Got one from Woot. It’s pretty cool. But not Mac compatible


Wasn’t this already offered recently? What’s the range on this? Bluetooth doesn’t go very far.


Now this seems like a real “woot” Anyone actually have or used this model? I have had problems with some.


Got 1 already works great in my home
office. Woot - Woot - Woot !


quick version of useful linkage today… just coming of an intense jack bauer session… can’t think straight… but the links are good today… for sure…
here’s the link


Oh man… this would be amazing. Especially since it’s $120 cheaper than the manufacturer’s price. I’ll have to ponder and read other responses, then decide in the morning (if it’s still here).


Awww Poooo…


Got this for my wife for Christmas so she could listen to mp3s while she gets ready in the morning. I have it wired into the 2nd input on our bedroom TV. Works great. Just wish it had been this price when I bought it a couple months ago on Woot. Oh well, can’t win them all.


I got my dad the MP3 subset of this for Christmas (which works fine on a PC, you just plug into the speaker out port and you don’t get the next/volume controls, but for his needs it’s fine) and he loves it. The PC is in a different room than the main stereo, separated by a chimney and such that makes a wire very hard to run. Sound quality is quite good. It seems to have issues at times if someone walks in the way of the signal (we had it running at Christmas and it cut out a bit as people meandered about) but it never went away completely.

He’s very happy with it and uses it all the time (much more than I thought he would when I got it for him, even)… highly recommended.


Woooo-Hoooo first Woot! Looking forward to trying it out!


Cheaper on ebay…
I didn’t make my own eBay link