Luigi's Mansion 3 Standard Edition - Switch

Luigi's Mansion 3 Standard Edition - Switch

damn, that’s what I get, not paying attention to the time.

So is this an EU copy then? or just a poorly used picture?

It won’t matter, switch is region free anywhere except mainland china, and there it’s physically region free

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My game case was empty no game cartridge! And customer service is email only … never again woot

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I’m very sorry about that. CS will get back to you pretty quick.

From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

Ya no response ! I want my item and my money back immediately this is unacceptable

Hello. I’m sure you’ll understand that we’re a bit slammed with everything going on right now. They will answer your email as soon as they can. Thank you for your patience.

I just got mine and it is empty as well. Didn’t even have wrapping on the game box. :frowning_face:
I was just about to play this with my kids.

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I’ll do it for you @bsmith1. #wootoops

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I didn’t even get the empty box. I didn’t order it and already own a copy but still.

The envelope with the game case arrived in the mail, with no game cartridge, and was missing the clear plastic around the case.

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I got a sealed Amazon envelope, no plastic-wrap on game case, no cart inside. Someone stole it.

I’ve contacted support, but also noting here for visibility. What the heck?!?

Yes, sorry. If you read up, others had the same issue. Someone had sticky fingers along the way. CS will take care of you.

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Do you think they’re returns or someone in the warehouse is stealing ‘em?

Thank you - hoping replacements can be dispatched post-haste!

No idea. ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

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Amazon warehouse didn’t know the case and cartridge were supposed to be sold as a set.


I think this must have been a third party sale gone wrong. I got a refund from woot before my package even arrived. When it actually showed up in the mail today, I thought Woot! Game AND refund. Only to find no cartridge inside the clamshell.

Support issued me a partial refund for $26 (paid $37 w/ tax) and then told me I could keep the empty game case :frowning:

How is this making it right? Very bummed out, Woot.

EDIT looks like I have a refund pending? I got a few different emails with different amounts. TBC…