Luminoodle LED Rope Lights

Is this the white light version?

Cheaper if you use amazon prime! 29.99 with free shipping for 10 ft. Not a good deal.

Link please!

For the color lights, this is cheaper. Amazon is $10 more expensive.

EDIT: I can only assume that this is what you are referring to.
Well, that one does not include a battery pack. Yes…most probably have a portable charging pack around somewhere, but still. Your comparison is not complete and therefore not accurate. Unless, you where looking at something else.

Different. Woot’s includes a battery pack. Mom’s clearly states “BATTERY PACK NOT INCLUDED

Sorry about that… my bad!

Does the color unit come with a remote control?

I agree not too much info on the colored version - had to go to Amazon to see the actual remote and learn that it is 14 colors+white. However, this IS in the features tab (first paragraph): “Luminoodle Color also includes a wireless remote.”
Also in the specs tab: “Wireless remote control (Color model only)”

Top bullet point under “Features” says the color model does come with remote.

Okay So now I am even more confused is the 10 ft option color or just basic white ???

10ft option is just White. Color option only comes in 5ft


I have one of these for my sailboat. Works awesome because they are super portable, bright, and you can hang them virtually anywhere.

Plan on buying another 10-footer today to spruce up the party boat a bit more.

No prob, I rather buy my own battery pack anyway. 3 hrs for the 10 ft strand is pretty lame IMO. If you are serious about using this outdoors, get a RAV or other batterypack. You will thank yourself later.

As long as you are not underway with them on, should be no issues. But light up your boat, with white or/and colored rope lights I can can bet any LE agency including Coast Guard will stop you. The CG may not give you a ticket but they will explain how they can be mistaken as channel markers, other navigational aids and can confuse other boaters if they mask your required nave lights. If you are U/W or in a water way, such as channel, don’t turn them on. If you are just floating or at anchor, out of the channel, you should be fine.

Can’t we please get past these racist attitudes? /s

Texas night time boating laws.

“Masthead Light: This white light shines forward and to both sides and is required on all power-driven vessels. A masthead light must be displayed by all vessels when under engine power.”

Can the 5ft color w/o battery pack connect to the 5ft color w/battery pack?
I’m guessing there’s no 10ft color w/battery pack available.

They don’t connect to each other. Two 5 foot Color Luminoodles would draw too much power from a USB port at its brightest setting

The Luminoodle Color comes in 5ft only

Dat azz tho!