Luxury 8" Gel Memory Foam Mattress-5 Sizes

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Luxury 8" Gel Memory Foam Mattress-5 Sizes
Price: $179.99 - 299.99
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Condition: New


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1/2/2015 - $179.99 - 299.9 - Click To See Discussion (73 comments)

15 year Woot! warranty, at least we know that Woot is planning to still be around in 2030!

What’s the manufacturer? How do we know if it’s comfortable?

We often can’t give out the manufacturer’s name because their other retail channels get mad at them over the prices. Our buyers work to get you the best price possible. Sorry.

How firm are these mattresses? I need it at least moderately firm for my bad back.

How long can I leave this rolled up?
Won’t need it till later in the summer…

Will this work for an adjustable bed?

What’s the firmness like?
I need a moderately firm to firm mattress.

I also want to know firmness–I’m on the soft side of the spectrum and being stuck on a rock hard mattress doesn’t appeal to me!

Going off the comments to what looks like almost the same mattress woot sold a bit ago, it seems to be a medium firmness. The manufacturer that was posting to the comments there had said this one is cheaper due to the there being less base foam (4" instead of 6"+). My guess is this would make it have kind of a memory foam sag to it sooner than most 10" versions (which has a bigger base). Seems it would have less support/firmness that some. That’s just a guess though.

Will this work for an adjustable bed?

Is there a trial period or are sales final? Sounds weird but some mattress places offer that.

Edit: Discovered I have the 12" version from same manufacturer from May 2014. Love our bed, but experience may differ from this 8"

Caught this end of last summer, very nice mattress. I would call it medium+, about a 6. I would prefer moderately firmer, my wife is very comfy and likes it a lot. For comparison, we slept on camping mats plus 4" firm cotton topper direct on our floor where I was pretty happy, wife had too much pressure at points. I’ve also verrry happily slept straight on the floor atop a blanket for a nice night for my back. We’d consider looking for a firmer mat (and giving this one away with high praise), but this was a great solution and value for us.

tl;dr Should suit many sleepers. I have to adjust pillows flopping from back to front, but it’s comfy.

Could be kept rolled for a bit, the og packaging is efficient. From previous discussion, do not open in your office.

Ps - never underestimate the power of pillows under your knees or a towel for lower back. proper neck support and alignment too. sleeping is not for the lazy it seems…

Another 3# foam marshmallow. C’mon Woot!, just once partner with someone offering 5# foam…

Curious. This may sound dumb to you all but because I’m a first time bed buyer I need help. I bought this mattress but I’m curious if it needs a box spring. I have no base either but I’m assuming any will work. Correct me if I’m wrong! Thanks and any help will be greatly appreciated.

Does the woot warranty cover mattess sagging? Or if you buy it and it turns out to be junk can you return it after you unpack it?

can this be used for a roll out couch

No, it does not need a box spring. The lower foam layer provides that support instead.