Luxury Gel 12" Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Luxury Gel 12" Gel Memory Foam Mattress

I’ve had the queen/firm model for about a moth and I’m happy with it so far. I run hot and it felt a bit warm initially so I threw on a “cooling” mattress pad that I already owned and it’s been fine.

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I got the queen plush, and I am recommending it to a friend. Nice to get a mattress for this price delivered. It’s surprisingly light which is nice because it makes it easier to move around.

It took about a week for the odor to dissipate fully - I’d open it in another room with a fan next time. I was excited to try it, but my impatience gave me quite a headache.

What is the brand name on this mattress? It Luxury the brand? What is the return policy on these mattresses. I would really hate to get stuck with something wasn’t right for me.

Made by Future Foam. Its in the 8 year warranty.

Woot wont take returns for compressed items unless there is a defect

How do I return large vacuum-sealed items, like memory foam mattresses and toppers?

Yeah, these items are too bulky to return. If there is a damage or defect, please contact Woot! customer service and they will assist you with a replacement, if possible, or a refund.

I’ve had this mattress for quite a few years. Started out with a King and downsized to a queen when I moved into a smaller house. My son switched from a water bed to one.

We love them. Just remember to rotate them regularly.

Does anyone know if these are the mattresses originally sold at Sam’s Club?

Off topic. I made a purchase with my Amazon login. I no longer have access to the email account attached to this woot id that the amazon account logs me into, and I don’t remember the password for that woot username. I need to return the defective item. A return label was sent to the email I cannot access. I also cannot figure out how to correspond with customer service to change my email address, because all that correspondence is sent to the email I cannot access. Can someone please provide alternate instruction? Thanks in advance

Howdy. We get these directly from our vendor.

@karlson2 Hi there. Email and explain the situation and that you need your email changed. Make sure you give them your old email address for verification and then the new email address.

They’ll forward that to the CS manager who will help you out.

Thanks. I’ll try that

Agreed 100%!!!