M-Audio AV30 Studiophile Speakers

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M-Audio AV30 Studiophile Speakers
$59.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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helluva deal!

Awww… little speakers. How cute…

Who said they wanted one of these? Someone should be very happy that their woot prayers were answered.

What are these used for?

These are awesome. I have a pair which my gf has been borrowing for a while. Bought a pair of AV40 this morning otherwise I’d be in for one.

Would these be good speakers use on a LG LCD TV? I suppose I’d need a receiver and everything? The speakers aren’t that great on it, and I’m looking for a cheaper upgrade. Sad that I missed out on the sound bar :frowning:


Own a pair of these. Amazing speakers, perfect sound unless you’re expecting booming bass. If you love music, you owe it to yourself to buy these at this price.


They are speakers.

These are primarily used for sound production.

$100+ on amazon for new

interesting reviews to say the least avg 4/5 stars

To drown out the sound of your sobs because you have a pathetic life.


If only I was actually in an area woot ships to, I might actually have bought these…my old speakers kicked it. :wah:

Have had a set of these for about a year, got them from newegg for more money. Really like them a lot. These are a big step up from the typical PC speakers for not that much more.

Im in for one, excellent for studio or recording

I did! I bought a pair as soon as they came on! Thanks woot :smiley:

I need some 5.1 to go with the mounts i got earlier.

Just purchased it and realized my computer doesn’t meet the minimum system requirements. :\ Oh well, I’ll just use them when I upgrade my PC.