M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 Professional Reference Speakers

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I’ll ask the question on everyone’s mind: These any good??

^ Yep!

Over 350+ reviewers, it has an average score of 4.5 stars over at Amazon

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I have a set of these, they sound amazing!


How could they possibly have any of these to sell? I thought they sold em all out during the woot off?

I have a pair. They are actually pretty fantastic speakers.

Also, No monkeys?

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Pretty high frequency response at 85Hz, I’d hope for something under 50, even at this size!

Still they’re a good quality brand.

I’ve got these sitting on my desk right now. Have used them daily for about a 1 1/2 years and they sound great.

Don’t expect a lot of low end bass, but music and games sound very good to my ears.

What is the difference between the M-Audio professional speakers and these professional REFERENCE speakers? What makes it a reference model?

I’ve got some of these. They’re pretty good, but they take up a bit of desktop real estate.

I was able to get a pair of these in previous woot off and they sound absolutely amazing. When they arrived, I couldn’t even tell they were refurbished, they looked brand new?

Maybe these speakers are so good they’ll get you a new job

Interesting, normally they sell the plain jane studiophile version of these speakers, and even more often the AV-30 model. Still, most of the comments are nothing but great things about the sound quality.

This is a great Deal!!!

Amazon $133
Buy.com $122
Best Buy $149
Valley Seek $117

These are a bit bigger than your average computer speakers. Check around YouTube to get a good idea on how big they are.

In for 1…let’s hope they’re decent.

What can the TRS imputs be used for? Is that a pro audio thing?

I have AV30’s and LOVE them, got them late '09. Would these be worth upgrading, or should I jump to BX5a’s/KRK5’s?