M-Audio Recording Studio Equipment

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M-Audio Recording Studio Equipment
$49.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Would love to get a new one. :frowning:


Not a musician! NEXT PLEASE

No keytars eh?

The HOT STREAK is here!!!



The 80s

Wheres Elton John?

Why would anyone get the 25 key one?

This worked wonderfully with Reason 4.0 and Fruity Loops. Pretty awesome hardware and doesn’t break the bank.

Beat me by 60 seconds… touche!

Ummm…the rechargeable batteries? The ones that were up for, like, a minute? That was actually the thing I wanted, and it was gone before I could even click on it. Noooooooooooooo…

Waiting around for 2 days for the 2-pack of buckyballs to show up again… I’m about to give up

Wow… there must have only been one 49 key one :frowning:


If you’re in electronic music and only work off of a couple of octaves, you don’t need a huge space waster.

Can I play with my M-Audio at the R-Odeo?

This is great for digital recording in GarageBand when you just want to knock out small parts and flourishes on the go. I’m in for one.

The teeny one usually retails for over $100 online. The bigger 45-key one is usually over $200 online.

Both are a pretty good deal.