Mad Catz iPod Power Pro Charger/Data Cable Kit

Zune compatable?

ummmm i must buy 1 lol

why not stuff for Sansa?

I think they need to change the light colors to Blue or Red.

they never have accessories for the shuffle

will this work with my Zune?

Yes, I recognize iPods. No, I don’t want it.


already have too many ipod cords. sigh…B of C plz

Ipod? Ummm…hello… How many Zune’s has this site sold :smiley: If it were a Zune kit I’d be all over it!

Even with shipping, it’s a decent price.

doesn’t work with 4th gen. nano…pass

iphone 3g??

nice to know that the most valuable thing that came in my last B.O.C was worth $1.99.

Everything Mad Catz makes is junk. No thanks.

will this work on my mac

If anyone really wants one of these, I will ship one to you for $6 each.

I got 24 of them in a boc.

PM me.

Got one of these already. Bacon salt please.