Mark of Fitness HP-787/MF-86 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

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Mark of Fitness HP-787/MF-86 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
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  • 1 Mark of Fitness HP-787/MF-86 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

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What my finger on my wrist doesn’t cut it anymore?

How accurate are these things? I’ve seen ones 10X as much that aren’t worth a darn.

Perfect gift for Grandpa. Not Grandma though.

Whatever model of Blood pressure tester you use, don’t trust the individual result. Record an average over time and repeated trials.

As a medical professional I must warn everyone - NEVER BUY ANY WRIST BP MACHINE - THEY ARE NOT ACCURATE OR RELIABLE. You are fooling yourself if you trust these things.

AMazon Reviews. There ya go. This thing looks fashionable too. Neat.

Mine is accurate when compared with the readings my doctor takes with his.

OMG wooters. Don’t buy this.
I bought this thing on WoOt! like, a year ago & used it maybe twice & now it’s become one of those things that I don’t know quite where to “file” . Collecting dust in my closet!
waste of $$$$$$$$

I bought a Mark of Fitness BP monitor like this more than two years ago and it’s still working fine.
My grown daughter, who had open-heart surgery to correct a congenital defect when she was 6 months old, tried it out and it detected her unusual heartbeat right off the bat. I’ve bought ones for my mother and grown son, too.

I bought a Mark of Fitness Prevention brand blood pressure monitor from Woot. Replaced the first unit and they have offered to take back the second because the readings are consistently 20 - 30 points over other units I’ve compared them with and doctor’s office readings.

Wrist type monitors also have a reputation of being inaccurate.

I’d stay away from Mark of Fitness. Bad products.

I have a Mark of Fitness MF-81 (bought from Woot!) that my doctor verified was repeatedly within +/- 2mmHg, so it’s very accurate. I also have a Prevention WS-820 (a rebranded Mark of Fitness, also bought from Woot!) that mirrors the results. I can’t say for sure that the MF-86 is just as accurate, but I can’t see why it would be substantially different.

Consumer Reports has basically said for years that the wrist monitors suck for accuracy, don’t buy this if your life depends on correct blood pressure readings.

Pshaw. As a medical professional, but not a doctor, you need to be careful on what you say. These work just fine. I have one. As long as you follow the instructions, stay still, and keep your arm at the correct level, they give correct readings. I’ve even seen them used in a doctor’s office.

Much easier to use and to handle than the type that go on the arm, thanks.

How accurate are these… wants some inputs pls as i want to buy couple of them…

According to this link:

the OMRON wrist monitors are actually more accurate as long as you do it right, but I have no idea about these models.

Who tested these at woot? The one person should get his blood pressure checked by a doctor… or stop eating junk food full of salt…

of course he wouldnt be a doctor, if he were, then why would he need to be cheap and buy on woot

1st Time Woot!