Marshall Law

I think they are hinting to the walking dead ‘ricktatorship’ but can’t use those exact words legally or just wanted to be different some way, great mashup dude.

This shirt had a 50% hit chance yet still got a critical damage headshot.

A shirt cannot be awesome unless it is black.

I want to love this, since it is Fallout & Walking Dead… but… a full black shirt with a giant greenish square on my chest… meh, pass.

I got really excited when I opened the email and the title “Marshall Law” popped up before the pic did because I thought it was a Tekken shirt. Then the pic loaded and was like, “oh, that’s not Tekken related at all, but it’s good though.” After all, I did love me some fallout in years back.

It may be a stretch, but I think the “Marshall, marshall, marshall” is referring to the Brady Bunch, a la the quickly-viral Superbowl ad: - YouTube

The chick with the sword is being a little suggestive, no?

Awesome mashup

And the best part is you can tell by her face that she’s really amused by herself and her immature joke.

Suggestive… of the movie Seven? (shivers)

Dang it! Now I have to buy this shirt and Fallout New Vegas. I love Fallout!

That’s exactly what I thought.

That’s a pretty broken Perk. +2 permanent stat bonus and +5 to 2 skills at lvl 2, and with multiple ranks! The only thing that doesn’t quite work is that it requires CHR 6, so the 3rd rank won’t do much because stats max at 10.

We are changing to “Marshal” as indeed, we were not referencing any one Marshall in particular. Now we’re arguing it’s a reference to Rick.

The removal of that last L will cause us a late-day re-print, so if you ordered overnight, we won’t be able to get it out until tomorrow.

I assumed that was her Farmer’s Daughter power in action.

OMG if someone made a Fallout 2/Walking Dead mod or whole new game… that would be nerdgasmic.

I was hoping it’d stay with LL, its my name so would work well.

I love this shirt. I don’t buy black shirts (because SO MUCH PET HAIR) but if I did, this would be the one I’d buy. It’s great! I love the cleverness behind choosing “Level 5” which I assume is a nod to the current, fifth season. The play on words with marshal/martial is pretty slick, too – and I’m glad the spelling was corrected, though a friend thought it was a nod to the Tekken character as well.

GREAT JOB Robo! I’d love to see more Fallout shirts from you. It’s lovely.

Love this shirt. I’d get it, but I still haven’t gotten the one from shirt.woot that I ordered back on January 21.

On the flip side, I guess it’s a good thing these are short sleeved shirts. By the time they arrive it’ll be warm weather again…

Just ordered one. It’ll be here tomorrow…Woot!