Masterbuilt 24-inch Smoke Hollow Pellet Grill

Masterbuilt 24-inch Smoke Hollow Pellet Grill

The30" model was on sale last week. I guess it didn’t sell very well. No wonder. There are NO Amazon reviews. Masterbuilt doesn’t even list the 30" or this24" on their website. And for a pellet smoker with a SUPPOSED $649 - $799 list price, it is wholly lacking in features. No WiFi control. Made of mostly sheet metal, so it isn’t going to last very long. And contacting Masterbuilt was no help. They didn’t respond. Woot answered my questions, but that was AFTER the daily deal was over.
I would be VERY careful getting this. It might perform ok, or it might be an expensive anchor. Pellet smokers are notorious for not providing great smoke flavor without adding a supplemental smoke generator. The best names out there for this kind of smoker are Traeger and Yoder. Look them up to get an idea of what a decent one costs. Hint: I bought a Yoder on Saturday that is the same size as this one. With tax and delivery, it came to $2,100. If you want this brand, get one of their VERTICAL smokers. They do a decent job of smoking, they are pretty forgiving of newbie mistakes, and the price won’t break the bank. Best of luck finding any info on this one on Amazon, Youtube, etc.


Thank you very much!!

I got the Smoke Hollow one (same company) back in Feb and it’s been a mess ever since. It arrived in a non working stage and their customer service is crap! I am still waiting on a part to make it functional.

Buyer beware!

Yeah, I don’t know what the story is on these, maybe they just gave them a try because other companies had pellet smokers and it just isn’t working out for them. As Vinnieplum said above, I have their vertical electric smoker (I think bought from Woot some years ago) and it has been excellent. I also got their gravity fed charcoal grill/smoker and I have been really impressed. I do have a Camp Chef pellet smoker (yeah, also from Woot) and it is great. I also have a few others (my daughter says I have a problem).

For the price, I wouldn’t expect much here. The reviews for a similar model Smoke Hollow at Walmart are decent though.

I have a pitboss and dont have any extra smoker… and it works fantastic.


same here, i sold my vertical cabinet smoker after i got the pitboss 820. smoke flavor is not an issue whatsoever. I get a ton of smoke and flavor and its crazy easy to cook with. its also super easy to clean bc of the thick diamond pattern wire grates. we prefer it by far over the stove or oven

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