Maverick Remote BBQ Thermometer & Timer

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Maverick Remote BBQ Thermometer & Timer
$12.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I’ve had nothing but bad luck with these remote thermometers … the probe cable always seems to get broken …

Cool, look, it’s all Mavericky and shit.

it’s about time.

This is actually tempting.

Would be nice to have some idea what temp my food is at while grilling.

Have one, love it. I use it for roasting meat in the oven . . . great on holidays when you are too busy to babysit it. Had it three years, still works great.

These work great until you forget to bring the transmitter inside after a huge drunk bbq pool party and it gets wet…Then, not-so-much.

Does it have caller ID?

We bought this the last go-round. My DH loves it.

I’m in for 2, but I have a caveat for potential buyers: This thing is only rated for a maximum temperature of 479 degrees.

Why is this important? Well, if you are like me and have an infrared grill, it can get up to over 900 degrees, which would melt the compound in the probe, rendering it useless. If you have an infrared, I recommend the dual probe thermoworks with tips that are rated for 1000+.

Why 2 for me? For one of my smokers. One probe to put into the meat to monitor it, and one probe to attach to an alligator clip in the smoker itself to get a detailed reading of the actual temp in it (which should never go above about 225).

Have you had this one or are you just saying in general? I was interested until i read this

Just for you Gatzby!


Will there be Bacon Salt soon to accompany this item?

If you cook BEEF to 170 you and it have no taste

Will this work with my Mac n’ Cheese?

That’s not much of a review.

Amazon’s got a little bit more about these:


Im sure ill be around then hoovering over the f5 button!!

Awesome! In for one.

I wonder if there’s an app for that… It’d be nice not to have to carry around some 1990’s looking phone, to have to measure the temp of my steaks, while i’m multitasking. Now if we could get a probe unit that uploads to a central database and then updates you with a push notification once your meat is about to reach perfect temp, that would be something.