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Big name designer, comin’ through!

Oooh… I like. Maybe in for one.

hmm cream…? i dunno

ROFL This is a cute take on airport security! nice detail Yoshi. It’s on creme so it kinda bums me out but it’s still a great design.

I wonder how this would have looked on asphalt with creme to color the needed areas.

I like the design, but I look terrible in cream.

Sweet, looks like: Metal Gear Solid (the !) + Robot + Airport = Awesome!

Don’t know if I would buy though…

Nice design and great description woot. Fun shirt!


i absolutely love this design, but i’m starting to think that i might have too many creme shirts…

It would be funnier is the robot was wearing a turbin. Then he could cry robotic profiling.

Really like the art, but I think I may be missing a reference somewhere.

Love the artist! But, not a fan of this design. Very well-done though.

Sweet design, but cream is not for me either. See you in 24 woot!

He’s metal… it’s a metal detector… ? :slight_smile:

nice design. in für einem!

Hahaha. This shirt amuses me.

Cool design, the retro style just isn’t my thing though. Congrats to the artist.

Yoshi, I wore your “It Began From Sketch” t yesterday and it’s amazing! Great work, dude! Love the concept of this one but alas cream-color is not for me. Hope to see more of your designs here!