McKlein Laptop Bags



Which of these is your favorite? :slight_smile:


This item is the problem with Woot since Amazon bought the business. You can get this same bag on for like $6 more than Woot (shipping included). For $6 you can return it if you don’t like it or it doesn’t fit your laptop or something. Woot’s no return policy was the price you paid for getting a ridiculously good deal…a $6 savings is not a ridiculously good deal.


These items are not available on Amazon at this price or even $6.00 more. We have recently made these products available to the public and allowing to exclusively price these items for only a limited time. Thanks for the imput, it is greatly appreciated! (Rep at McKlein Company LLC)


Thanks for coming by and sharing these thoughts! It’s always nice when product reps from the company speak up!


I wish you had a photo of the insides as well. It really helps to see where the laptop goes, and how the padding looks etc…


We can provide images.


If you have pics available on a server somewhere, you can add them for all of us, no email needed!

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Is this the same item?

If it is then its cheaper and offers free shipping!


This is a discrepancy and this item is not being sold by Amazon, it is being sold by a third party vendor who is quoting the wrong prices. With that being said… the payment will not process. Thanks for understanding (Rep. at McKlein Company LLC)


I, for one, really like knowing that company representatives are watching what’s going on with their items, and take and active interest in the community. Thank you for the communication.


Where can we see the images?

Also, the Dual Laptop Protection system implies that it supports storage for two laptops. Can you make sure to show that in one of the images. Thanks.

Long time wooter


Please access our website at to check out that specific item for additional images. Thanks (Rep. at McKlein Company LLC)


You will be able to see that in the picture on our website.


Thank you.


alrighty, i went to McKlein’s site and looked up the Wrightwood, just to find a pic of some innards. (The Wrightwood is one of the models with the dual laptop protection system.) Hope this helps.


there’s no pics of the inside at your corporate website. just the front and back.


There are interior shots for the ladies’ laptop bags.


They’re getting some pretty conflicting reviews on Amazon:

Also, to the rep: When you say things like ‘we can provide pictures’, people assume you’re going to post pictures, not follow up a response with ‘go on our website to see them’. ESPECIALLY when the user asked about interior pictures and there aren’t any on your website.

Also, signing your posts is kinda tacky.


Nitpicking is tacky. Signing their post is appreciated for those of us who want to know who they are and if they are reps.