Meatball Maker

No one wants this reject meatball maker…

this looks suspiciously like the cupcake maker they had a little bit ago.

All other sites selling the MBM-1 call it the “Mini Meatball Sub Factory”, so I’m guessing that these aren’t very large meatballs.

Well, not with that attitude!

Clearly, no one does.

You exaggerate. Clearly some in Texas, Washington, and Florida do want it.

That makes 3 people…
Hey, if you buy the rest of them, I’ll let you win this battle…

Perhaps if you were to use a ceramic mix and heat to the right temperature, this could be repurposed as a home pool ball maker. Just a thought

LOL… and I thought I saw everything… what’s gonna be next ? A donuts maker?:smiley: Me likes donuts! :smiley:

Help out mankind by buying this meatball maker…and donating it to a charity because I think this is a pretty useless product unless you’re a meatball lover.

I’m probably going to punch a wall if I see a donut maker next.

No, the meatball holes are way too small for a pool ball. You could possibly use it to make doughnut holes, though.

Save the world by buying a meatball maker.

Please buy one or six…somebody.

you mean like this one ?

Same company.

YESS!!! ARRG!! punches wall

TT’s rules are that you can’t ask others to buy something unless you buy it first.

But Meatballs was '79, not the '90s!

Helped the group out by buying something less than 30 minutes ago. Anyone want to buy this meatball maker now?