MEElectronics M6 In-Ear Sport Earbuds

Another Woot-off lightning round!


hmmm, interesting server lag…this item was showing up on the comments page even though the main woot page was still showing the previous item as “sold out” inspite of refreshing so many times…

Let’s hope so. I’m hoping they don’t have 3,000 of these.

I want over ear headphones!!! grrrr

They’re in the warehouse going… I found one more ear buds!

NOW we’re talkin’! Well, maybe not… but at least there is an airplane adapter included.

I can’t believe I missed the ab trainer. I am still upset…

Poop… Swords hurt…

wait a minute… the woot-off is still on? what’s going on?

woot has the best writers. LOL

Bought last Woot and love 'em.