MEElectronics M6 In-Ear Sport Earbuds

I knew if I kept waiting…

Lol seriously? How many pairs of headphones have been in this woot-off

What? No duel connector with multiple earbuds? Gee wish woot had some of those…

Cnet actually has a really good review of these!

These headphones are AMAZING. I just got them like a week ago from Meelectronics website (for $22). Best in-ear headphones for the money, hands down.

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Ordered these last time; they are Great!!! Used them on the plane and with my cell. Most of all, they capture the sound of my Zune tunes wonderfully! I highly recommend! I may be in for one for the missus.

If you don’t already have earbuds, are you really waiting for a woot off to buy some.

That’s why I got one.

$5 less than sellout.woot before. Nice

What is the ratio of headphones/earphones/earbuds that Woot sells to other products? Seems to be fairly often that something like this comes up.

This is the deal of a century
MEElectronics isn’t just another Skullcandy

These earbuds are awesome. I spent 21.00 for them at the store.

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I knew I’d bought these before… includes all you need to know, including for example, amazon linkage!

People loved them… they promised to be the best woot ones so I got 2 last time.

Couldn’t hear ya - had my earbuds in listening to Dr Laura yell at people whining about things almost as much as the Wootsters here feeling all swoot and bun hurt about the offerings… in this time & space…La la la…

I had a Russian Blue named Max once…based on the description I guess I may be lucky that he ran away…



These over the ear style headphones will help in the gym. Currently, it looks like im trying to be a secret service agent listening to my ear piece while I run.