Men's Fleece Lined Pullover Hoodies 3Pk

Men's Fleece Lined Pullover Hoodies 3Pk

Hoodies aren’t jackets.

I’m getting awfully tired of deals that say things like “best jackets”, only to find out that there are only men’s sizes available. Men is NOT a default condition.


For “best” warm things, apparently it is?

Not that I’m bitter… or cold.

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I like the zippered fleece hoodies and have ordered them three times, but got these and they are SUPER thin. Worth what I paid I guess, but paper thin compared to what I was expecting.

Same issue as Featherz said. I bought the tw0-pack lined zippered hoodies a few weeks back, loved them. Bought these to give as gifts to family and just recieved these. They’re not ‘lined’ at all, and the material isn’t even a decent thickness sweatshirt. Already sent a refund/return request

Hi there. Here’s some information from the vendor to help understand kinds of hoodies:

French-terry lined hoodie – which is a lightweight hoodie with a terry lining on the inside.

Fleece lined hoodie – which is your basic fleece hoodie you would buy at the gap, old navy, h & m, collegese etc.

Sherpa fleece lined hoodie – the heavy Sherpa furry fleece

Thermal lined hoodie – which is like the waffle knit thermal lining on the inside of the hoodie

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