Men's Sherpa Fleece Lined Hoodie

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Men’s Sherpa Fleece Lined Hoodie
Price: $15.29
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“For a looser fit, buy a size up.”

My god! This will revolutionize the fashion industry!

No name clothing is the best!

LOL. That’s because these are “modern fit” which is snug.

Are the Sleeves lined too?

I bought a bunch of these last time for our business. They are NOT fleece lined like the picture at all.

Care to elaborate on what, if anything, they are lined with? Or are they just plain hooded sweatshirts? Seems strange, even for Woot!, that the description would be that far off.

Sleeves are lined with nylon for comfort and ease of taking the sweatshirt on and off.

These Are SHERPA FLEECE LINED hoodies. This is the first time this specific style and brand are being offered on WOOT. It is possible that you are referring to regular fleece lined hoodies that were offered in the past that you might have mistaken for Sherpa Fleece. Sherpa fleece is that thick furry feeling and looking fleece.

Should I take the bait? This “Modern Fit” business makes me nervous. I wear a 3X which is loose…as I like it to be. But it says to size UP! Decisions, decisions! I’ve got till midnight!

What I do is to find a similar item in my closet that I like the fit and measure it. Compare the measurements to this. If it’s close, go up.

Why is “medium” even listed if no medium hoodies are available? #NotEverythingNeeds2BeSupersized

We had them this morning but they’ve sold out. Sorry.

these run waaaay small. Order 2 sizes larger if you want to zip it up

These sweatshirts are very warm and lined with Sherpa. They are also very bulky…more like a jacket than a plain hooded sweatshirt. I purchased them through Woot last month.

So what ARE they like?

The brand of these is “Verde”.

Here they are on Amazon for $25, but with no reviews.

Ships and sold by Galaxy by Harvic.

After reading some comments I didn’t see one that was wrong. They do run small so order 1 to 2 size bigger. I too thought that the arms were lined with fleece but to my surprise, they’re not. The only thing I didn’t see any post about was the zipper. These are supposed to be a men’s jacket but for whatever the reason I don’t consider them to be men’s. Why you ask? The zipper is on the left-hand side which as far as I know here in America means if it zippes from the left side it’s a women’s, not a man’s. So since the 4XL I ordered which is small which is what I usually wear and the zipper on the wrong side this and the 3XL will both have to go back. To bad to I liked the jacket/hoodie itself. Hope I get the chance to buy these again if the zipper is right cause I will.

That’s a big bummer. Mine was just delivered today, although I haven’t been home to open it up.

If it’s got a left hand zipper, it’s getting returned post haste.