Sherpa Lined Fleece Zip-Up Hoodies 2-Pack

Sherpa Lined Fleece Zip-Up Hoodies 2-Pack

Bought these last time. Even the loose fit XXL size feels small, and the sleeves are short. Barely worth the money - definitely not getting a deal with these things. They’re Walmart quality at best. Disappointing.


Definitely not top quality, hence the price !
They do keep ya warm, and fit snugly, even the 2XX is
somewhat tight!
Major drawback for me …. plastic zippers !
They can be difficult to raise and lower, even when not
clasped together, I find the zipper sticks !
Don’t see them holding up well to multiple wash and dry cycles !
Best to cold wash and line dry !

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tempted to get this as it is modern fit but weird it has arm length sizing like that. from measuring it; the sleeve should be pretty long in my opinion. surprised the sleeves would be short in such an instance. The length is an issue for me.

Bought these in medium when they were here on November 15th. @ $27.99.

The medium size is quite roomy for a slim female, good for layering over sweaters and such, and it still fits under heavy winter coats. We are 5’4" and 5’7", with long arms, both of us under 130#, and the sleeves are plenty long for us. They seem to be of solid quality and are really warm and very soft.

As the price tells us, though, they are not meant to be all we wish for - mainly, after several weeks of rather heavy use they are pilling. Not horribly, but noticeably. Cannot report on any other complaints so far, however, so personally I think this is a really good buy for us average sized folks.

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Purchased the two pack last time on Dec 17, 2019 for $25.67 to donate
to the homeless…

… they appreciated it.

Seemed to be ok quality although I didn’t try them on.
Might go in for another two as it is a decent price, especially to donate something warm to those less fortunate.


Bought these just before Christmas. As others have noted, the sizing and sleeves run small. Cheap zippers.

On the plus side, they are very warm. I’ve relegated mine to early morning grand kid walks to the bus stop.

For $12, not a bad deal, but I wouldn’t buy them again.

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I don’t believe I’ve ever posted here before, but I’ve been a member for some time. I’ve purchased three iterations of Woot Hoodies. I believe the first was closest to this one, and it was probably my favorite except that the plastic zipper broke in the dryer after a few washings. This first one, if it is this one, was sized smaller than anything approaching normal US sizing, but that was OK because it fit and was warm.

The 2nd iteration was a pair of Hoodies with ‘insulated hoods’ and no fleece lining. These were better quality but the zippers were on the opposite side and they were sized larger than normal but OK. They haven’t pilled or had a failed zipper.

The last pair I bought was recently, and they were fleece lined and they are HUGE. I bought a Medium (normally wear large) given the previous experience, and they’re easily XL through the body. Also, the sleeve openings must be 3XL. They won’t stay put rolled up. And the blue one pilled horribly from the fleece lining shedding. I wash them separately.

This time I decided to complain and Woot refunded this last purchase in full. Caveat emptor.


I bought these last time they came around and will be giving them away. The fit and quality are just horrible. I’m 6’3" 180lbs and I bought medium, but not the modern fit. I was concerned they may be small. Total opposite. They were massively wide and bulky, but also a little short. I normally wear size medium for just about everything with a good fit. On top of the fit, the quality left much to be desired. The zippers especially seemed like they wouldn’t last long.

Picked up a pack of XXL’s because we wanted them roomy. More like L’s when we tried them on. If you like a tight fit, these are good, else, skip them.

to the guy that is 6’3 and 180… medium?? I am 5’8, 150 and have worn medium my whole life, you aren’t a medium, of course its too small…

anyway… bought these, my son and I love them. Very warm, both 5’8-5’9 slim builds… fit great. They are not the highest quality in the world, but what do you expect for $12 each…


I bought one of these a while ago and WOULD like it if the sleeves weren’t so short.

Bought 'em last time just before Christmas. I like 'em. Warm and cozy. I am of average build, 5-11, 175#, and the large fits perfect. (Glad I didn’t get the medium from what others are saying.) The plastic zipper does stick, you have to move it with it taught and straight. I have no major complaints for the price and the warmth they provide. I’ve paid more for much worse sweatshirts.

I got a pair in December. I’m 5’9" at 175 guy and the large fit well, the sleeves are a bit shorter than expected but not too short. They are plenty warm but I don’t expect them to last more than a season. Really bummed out on the plastic zipper.

Bought these last December. Great for wearing around the house - nice and warm. The plastic zippers leave a little to be desired, as others have mentioned, but they work well enough. I’m 5’10", 195 lbs, athletic build, and the XL fits just right. Would buy again.

Yeah, I bought 12 of these to get customized. The green wasn’t the same shade of green as advetized. Fit small, and weren’t great quality to begin with. Just returned all of them.

Are these lined with real Himalayan mountaineering guides? If so, that’s a bargain. Just retrieving the bodies from Everest must be hugely expensive.

Why are most of the images photoshopped. Look close at some of the images and you’ll see the lining is copy/pasted lower in the image. why?

I’ll pass less than $20 for a hoodie scares me. I don’t see this as something other than Wallmart Vietnam quality. Plastic Zips nope.

I bought these last time. I bought the ones labeled “Modern fit”. I also read the description - “Modern fit, for a generous fit, buy 1 size up”. So since I normally wear an XL, I bumped my order up to XXL. I think I got a fantastic buy! This is a heavy warm jacket well worth the $12! The fit for me was even a little bit big. (Though I would rather have a jacket a little too big than wear one that is tight!). I let my daughter have one. She is closer to an XXL. Even though hers fits a little snug, she still loves it. If they would have had a 2 pack of black, I would have gladly bought another set. My only complaint is the inside of the sleeves have a slick quilted material which makes my arms cold for quite a while until the material warms up from my body heat.