Sherpa Lined Fleece Hoodies 2-Pack

Sherpa Lined Fleece Hoodies 2-Pack

Got these a year ago. Fabric is great but the zippers get difficult. At this point I have to hold them a bit misaligned or they refuse to zip up. Definitely not YKK quality zippers.


Look at that lazy photoshop job on the black Sherpa lining. They just cut a square from the hood and moved it down. Not confident the whole thing is Sherpa lined after seeing that.

EDIT: Only seems to be the gray ones that have it

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I wish you had a navy/charcoal option. There is every other combo but that one


I got these last year and liked them well enough for the price, guess I should get more for the winter. :slight_smile:

Is the entire thing lined or just the hood?

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The ones I have bought before are sherpa lined in hood & body, sleeves are quilted poly.

Warm, but, very easily melted. Was using a 4 inch grinder last winter. Sparks melted the cuff & sleeve back about 3 inches, my skin never felt any heat.

I now have 4 of these for me & 2 for the missus. she who must be obeyed is telling me to pass on this, this time. Might get them if they come back around. It’ll be colder then.

This feature: * Quilted lined sleeves with fill…this is the weakest link. The mismatch of fabrics is where you will see rips and tears after a while. The manufacturer will tell you that it is only to make it easier to put on and take off the garment, which it does, however, it’s a major cost savings by not using the same sherpa lining in the sleeves. After having hoodies with sherpa throughout, sleeves included, I for one will never go back.


Can you comment on the sizing? The ‘back length’ seems almost like a dress even for small and medium.

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Any tall guys here get these before and comment on real life arm length? I’m 6’4", and typically an XLT. 35" sleeve is about an inch too short for me based on specs alone, but hey, you never know.

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I bought these last year as well. A bit bulky, soft, and cushy, which is as-designed. I had no issue with the quilted sleeves though I can understand why some would want lined sleeves as well. The quilted sleeves do give you more flexibility of motion in your arms which I think is good unless you are in an extremely cold climate and want the furry stuff.

They are not North Face or Marmot quality, but on the other hand cost about 1/10 as much. Actually I still have one sealed in the plastic bag. I would recommend (something I should go do now that I think about it) keeping one in your car trunk/storage area, just as an emergency jacket/blanket/pillow whatever you need, something warm and soft is good to have in an emergency. (Ideally it might be a companion that is warm and soft, but if you don’t have that, this jacket is better than nothing…)

EDIT: And if you do have a warm and soft companion, probably best to get 2 of these to keep for an emergency. Remember that oversize is always useful in some way, though perhaps not as fashionable. Undersize is much less useful, except as a pillow. BTW since these are a bit “puffy,” if you want to maximize space and also protect from moisture, you could place them (1 or 2) in one of those sealable bags (sometimes called space bags) either the kind you use with a vacuum, or the kind where you just press out the air and seal it. Again, a good idea I have not done yet, but now I should since I’m thinking about it.


I don’t have it nearby to check (it’s a few thousand miles away actually), but from memory, this would probably NOT be adequate for your height, in an XL for example. Sleeve might be OK but I think you would get the “cold waistline” effect since I don’t think the length would be enough with some moderate bending, you’d get a cold breeze around your nether regions.

EDIT: I’m just under 6’ so it was plenty long for me – not saying it’s super-short or anything. But for someone 6’4" I think it might not be enough with motion, but something like taking a walk would probably be adequate.

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If these are the same hoodies from last year they are nice and snuggly warm but the sleeves could use some more material. It feels like you’re wearing 2 different articles of clothing. Your upper torso is warm but your arms can feel the chill coming through the sleeves.

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Bought a two pack of these last year. The zippers are difficult, and expect pilling. The worst part is that the cold air blows right through the sleeves.

I bought these last year. As others have said, the zippers are not that great and the sleeves are not lined. I don’t live a very cold area, but these are nice for those days when the temps go below 40F. As for sizing, I wear a Large and bought XL. I wish I’d bought XXL, as the lining makes them feel a bit tight, and usually like them a bit bigger. Not too high quality, but for me, definitely worth the price.

Let me know when you get 3xl in olive and charcoal!

Need 3xl!!! In olive and charcoal!

I’ve purchased these a few times now. For the price, they are tough to beat. Great for layering.

Logged in early last nite and most of the color combo’s were not available.