Men's Grooming

What is the difference b/w TRYM-II and Milex V trimmer. They are identical. Are these manufactured by the same company? if not which one is the copy?

I’m sure this is a stupid question, but why does a grooming kit have a corkscrew?

Huh. The box calls in a 3-in-1 Tool. It must be important because they listed it twice or maybe that other thing by the brush is another multi-tool.

I guess they want you drunk while you groom? Digging for really big boogers?

I never knew anyone could be so happy trimming their nose hairs.

MY Son has the sleek looking beard trimmer and loves it. I am going in for the round one

Has anyone used the Nose Hair removal appliance before?

Me thinks it’s a ‘masochistic’ appliance…

It is a sad fact that, as men age, hair on their head can thin and then increase in their nose and ears.

I have not found really satisfactory trimmers and these (once again) look the same as ones sold as “Remington” and another half-dozen brands.

The little spinning mechanism in the nose trimmers does not seem very robust.

The should be showing a guy in his 60’s.

Most likely the same Chinese maker with a different name.

For the same reason it has a bottle cap opener.

Exactly my thoughts! It’s not like I wake up in the morning saying “Yay! Today I get to trim my nose hairs!!!”