Men's LS Gingham Plaid Dress Shirt

why is it that when i click on a color that only 3 of the 6 colors come up (black/white , navy/white and royal/white).

this is before i make any size selection

That is my question as well! I want one in red or pink gingham, but while pictured these colors are not available for purchase!


These shirts definitely run “slim fit.” I ordered my usual size, medium, a few months ago but they were too tight. When they were listed again, I bought large. The large fits the chest better, but the sleeves are a tad long.

In for Red/Burgundy but not able to make selection. :frowning:

You can get it in any color you like… as long as it is black, navy or royal

These run extremely small. I ordered a 2 XL for my friend. He is physically fit. Arms were tight. Too narrow across the shoulders and would not button. He wears a 2X in most shirts and an XL in others. I just kept them to wear as an over shirt for me. I wear a large and they are fine for me.

You had me until I saw 60% cotton-40% polyester.

Wow, so I’m the only one that saw this shirt title and started singing “Oppa is Gangnam style!”… ? Woot has changed man…

Hey y’all, sorry for the confusion over the additional images on the sale and only the three options. We fixed it by removing the images of the shirts not available for sale. Once again, sorry about the confusion!

Was this just before your 2 hour lunch break…because shirts are still showing that are not available or showing as sold out. What’s the take away here Woot?

I need a pocket for my leaky pen and slide rule…

Bought 2 royal and navy 2xl ,both same color, sleeves short, tagged slim fit but not listed as slim.Big disappointment