Men's Marled Fleece Zip Sweater 3-Pack

Men's Marled Fleece Zip Sweater 3-Pack

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Is the style random too? Hoodie/No hoodie?

I was thinking the same.

Inquiring minds want to know how to choose the style… Full zip? Quarter zip? Hood? Or hoodless? Quilted? Or not? Front wheel drive? Or all wheel drive?

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From the listing (not sure if it was changed after your question and still not in the most obvious space) :

  • Chosen at Random from the Following 4 Styles.
    Full Zip Hoodie
    Classic Full Zip
    Quilted Full Zip
    Classic Half Zip
    ( Possible Colors are Black, Navy, Grey and Olive)

I might bite if I could choose the style and only leave the color to chance. But getting a random style and color makes the chances of getting three goodies I don’t like too great.

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I noticed you keep sending fleece zip up? But nothing said fleece unless you’re talking about quilt and uncle gpa and uncle so does that mean it comes in blue and black? What would be the 3rd one? Trying to buy it for my dad. Thanks

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The styles and colors are chosen at random, you will receive a combination of different styles and colors…for example, you might receive a pack that includes.
Classic full zip in black
Quilted full zip in grey
Full zip hoodie in navy.

All the styles are made from the same marled fleece fabric and there are no funky colors or styles , there are only four classic colors that you can possibly receive in the four different styles and they are Black, Navy, Grey and Dark Olive.

So it says quantity but I choose one but then I went to buy another size for another group of family members and it says you’re only allowed one set. No where in description does it say only allowed to purchase one set.

Maybe this was added after, but it’s by the quantity selector.

Try making multiple orders?

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Sorry Woot, I like the classic quilted, but not leaving it to chance.


Same. I just don’t want a half zip or hooded one at all and the ‘classic’ style just doesn’t do it for me.

What are you talking about? “quilt and uncle gpa and uncle”

Should old acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind?

Then remember that Grandpa is wearing the Blue Fleece Zip and Uncle Bob is wearing the Black Fleece Zip. And don’t ask them to wear something different. They never do and it’s always this huge thing. Just remember, Grandpa in blue, Uncle Bob in black. Got it? Good

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Any info available on the country of origin?

Made in China. With premium quality fabric .
Here is a closer look at the marked premium look as well as the inner fleece lining.

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Got mine today. Super thin fabric that you can see light through, sizing is smaller than indicated, and all three have big ugly elbow patches made out of the quilted material you can see on the upper-chest area in the pictures. Two half zip, one full zip, zero hoods, with a thin floppy collar that’s too short to keep you warm and too floppy to stay folded over. They came with a price tag saying the original retail price was $88 each… which, lol, if you believe that I have a bridge to sell you. They might last one season of dog-walking or light yard work, although I suppose that’s all you can ask for at this price point.

This same item sells for $22.99 on Groupon for just one piece and has 4.2 starts with over 250 reviews!!!

Wow. I guess you could say they’ve been fleeced.