Men's Marled Fleece Zip Sweater 3-Pack

Men's Marled Fleece Zip Sweater 3-Pack

Since it’s a 3pack at random, are my chances of not getting a duplicate set decent if i order more than one set?

I would be all over this if I could guarantee I wouldn’t get any half zips.



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Imported. From where? Inquiring shoppers care.

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Yah I prefer zips with happy endings too


Too much randomness. If it was random color or random style I might bite. But both?



I couldnt agree more and i woke up today saying a need a new one this would have been perfect.

I’m the opposite… I only want 1/2 zip…

Well, it is only 1 of the 4 possible styles, so you’re chances of getting 3 half-zips are probably 100%. :wink:


Perfect for those with an indiscriminate taste in clothing.

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I bought these last time. Got three full zip. Ordered XL. I’m sort of an old school “L” with a gut. Washed them and they fit perfect. I’ve been ordering all XL lately as I’ve gotten bigger and clothes have gotten smaller. lol They are made well and a great value. My only complaint is they all have that collar that isn’t real comfortable up and doesn’t look right folded down. I knew this going in.


I bought these I’m December and recieved 2 of the full zip quilted style in green and black, and 1 of the half zip in blue.

I bought these in December, as well, I got black half zip all fleece with a hoodie type front pocket and navy blue quilt half zip with regular pockets. Not sure what the 3rd was, one of the kids snatched it.

They are nicely made. I am home 99.9% of the time, so I shop for warmth, comfort and length. I am 6’3, got the XXL and the sleeves are long enough for me (which is rare)

Caveat: not this order/brand, but the waffle thermal shirts were random color and I and a few others got colors that weren’t even pictured. I also got most of the right size and then 2 of a size smaller, all I can think of is that they thought wrong size, we will give her 2

Bought these in December and am very pleased with them. Be sure to order a size up, though. I wear a small in almost everything but ordered medium and they fit just like a normal small. Well made and warm though I should say that to me they seem like a cross between a fleece jacket (hoodie without a hood) and a sweater. I use them for around the house with a sweatshirt underneath and they are near perfect for my needs.

I notice that the sleeve measurements are impossibly long. Folks who have bought before: how are the sleeves? I’m 6’2’’.

I received one classic and two quilted in my order. The zipper broke on the blue quilted one I received. Other than that, they are very warm and comfortable to wear. My wife loves the style on both of them. The worth the price. I’m thinking about buying another set. They feel a little large for their size, but I like that. I would rather have them a little big over having them too small.

I bought mine in December. XXL and I’m 6’4". Sleeves are perfect.

Pretty lame. I don’t mind randon colors or anything but not being able to choose zipper style or hood/no hood is dummmb. Might as well have random sizes too

The sleeves are measured from the center back all the way down to the sleeve , it not from shoulder to sleeve …once again it’s from the center back all the way to the end of the sleeve.