Moderate Your TV



"Refresh Rate: 600Hz "

Is this a plasma?


Sorry, I was distracted by the monkey. Which TV do you recommend?


I was wondering if this was a typo? 60Hz maybe?


Is that a TV mount or an iPhone mount? Will it work with my iMac?


re: the LG 42LK550 42", there are exactly 2 reviews on Amazon. One loves it, the other rates it poorly d/t of the operation of the apps, in particular YouTube, which makes it sound like LG wasn’t all that “smart” in implementing this feature. Wish there were more comments to be had. I have a smaller LG that’s a few years old and is doing fine for us, so I’m intrigued by this TV. I will search on for reviews if I get a chance.


I literally have that EXACT TV (got it at Sam’s Club last year). The picture is awesome, the SmartTV functionality is awesome, everything is awesome. Plenty of HDMI inputs. Big enough screen. Great speeds. Rich color. Honestly I can’t throw this TV enough props. And mine came with a Free Wi-Fi adapter, so it’s a wireless SmartTV to boot with no extra cost for the adapter.



Im not sure if this is a known fact or not, but just a heads up that Square Trade does NOT offer warranties on refurbished TV’s anymore… I just found out while trying to get one for the TV I just purchased here.


I would like the monkey to moderate my TV usage. Or moderate a presidential debate (couldn’t do any worse job than the last one did).

In any case, I want that monkey. We have a TV.


You’re right! I bought a tv here last week and was going to wait until it arrived. The option for it no longer exists on Squaretrade. Bummer.


Just spoke to Square Trade rep. They just changed their policies on refurbs this week (great timing!). Does any Wooters know where else to go and get coverage on a television? I thought $65 extra bucks for 4 years warranty was pretty awesome through ST. Would like to find something similar…


Square Trade is still selling a 1 year “Open Box” warranty for $45 .

But honestly, warranties on TVs are a waste. Just find a repair guy in the phone book and they will usually fix it for about $80-100, No shipping. They just come to your house and fix it on the spot. That’s the same as having a warranty that lasts forever and you only need to pay for it when you need it.


Can I just get the monkey?


Too late for the VIZIO M320SL. Do any of the other 32" TVs have VIA or ability to stream Netflix/Vudu/Amazon over Wifi? If one should show up…


Does anyone use one of the wall mounts here? I really want a TV in our bedroom but the ONLY place to put one is to the left, at the foot of the bed on my dresser against the wall and the dresser isn’t wide enough to turn a TV more than 27" sideways. I was thinking of using this to mount it above the dresser to pull out and aim at the bed.


Definitely a typo:

I’m wondering how good these are as refurbs though? Specifically the E321MV?


Whooops, looks like we missed the earlier post. Just sent that in for fixing.


Anybody know if the VIZIO E422VLE apps include Amazon instant video streaming…?? It says it has Hulu, Netflix, etc, but no explicit mention of Amazon.


We’ve checked with SquareTrade and you can still purchase SquareTrade warranties for refurbished items that we sell by using the link we provide. You must use our link however. If you decide to purchase the warranty a couple days later, go back to the sale (via Stuff You Bought) and use the link on that page.


do these units have mounting ability in the rear and are the “manufacture refurbished”.