Moran Manor Knights Valley Red - 3 Pack

Have not put them in CT yet but will do so, thanks for the tip!

Thanks, will try this as well

You’re welcome! Check your message inbox, I sent you a link to a screen capture I made of my CT, so you can see what it is you are looking for.

My local wine shop has had the Beringer Knights Valley Cab (07) for about 6-7 months now…really quite good and a great QPR @ $15.99.

Thank you, Carol…! Another question:

If you only had one bottle, what would be the earliest you would crack open the 2006? When do you think it’d be at its prime?

I suspect it’s pretty good. I’ve never had one as good as the '78, though. I’ll pick up a bottle.

That’s always a good question! If you ask some of our customers who are big Anagram 2006 fans, they’d say, “Why wait?” They tell us that they start out with every good intention of keeping a case in their cellar but before they know it, they’re down to one bottle. It becomes their “house wine” – one that they’ve been proud to serve at dinner parties but not feel guilty about opening up at home on a Wednesday night to have with Spaghetti and Meatballs. Having said that, all wines have their peak, and we anticipate that this one will peak in / around 2014.

Not saying anything that hasn’t been said before in these forums, but peak is dependent on palate. When a winery rep gives me an anticipated peak date, I interpret that to mean “when it’s mature, but before it’s at all tired.”

Older wines have softer tannins, less robust fruit (this is the hardest to describe, since there’s so much variation. There can be more red fruit, an orangey taste, etc.), and tend to have more minerality. Some crave those qualities; others avoid them (and some like variety and enjoy both).

Of course, you can find out which you prefer by experience. One very interesting process for an aspiring wine geek like me is to buy several bottles of the same wine (I can think of a good place to buy :wink:) and open them in different years. Of course, that takes a long time - I wish I had been as studious in years gone by.

You can also speed things way up by vertical tasting, but there can be considerable variation among the vintages.

Based on what you know about this particular offering, is it your opinion that these wines do not lean towards the overripe?

Winery, please feel free to chime in with your thoughts as well.

Although known for warm afternoon tempatures in Knights Valley, Moran Manor’s vineyard is not over exposed and does receive some relief due to its positioning. Due to the small harvesting team, the fruit can be pulled at just the right time. I would not describe the wine as overripe.

Are you affiliated with the winery or are you just an avid taster?

I thought the name “smoran” was a clue. :wink:

I do appreciate the context around windows and peaking and palates - it seems to me that, while the vertical method runs into vintage issues, opening a bottle each year isn’t perfect, either. Perhaps it’s less of an issue for an old hand, but I think that my palate is changing rapidly enough that I would be hard-pressed to say whether it was the wine changing or just me!

Really I think I most fear opening a bottle of cab in its “dumb period”, not liking it, and then not even knowing that the wine might have improved in 2-3 years. Perhaps I should be asking for an “anti-window”…

Yes, I am one of the sons. I assist in sales, marketing and finance. We all wear many hats to make our boutique winery go. I hope you enjoy our wine.

Thank you, Carol, that was helpful.

I’m definitely going to order one set… the forum is very quiet today, though. Where’s all the peer pressure?!

Would that be a Mac?

Some fun photos of the property and the family.!/moran.manor?sk=photos

My last name is Moran, so I had to pull the trigger. In for 1

Last wooter to woot: zachusaf

In for 1.

How often do I get to have wines from Knights Valley? This unique viticultural spot has only a view noted vintners, but all are highly reviewed. Most have heard of Kendall Jackson or Beringer. But what about the highly rated Peter Michael vineyards or the upcoming Keplinger or Summers.

This AVA has the odd spot of being labeled Calistoga but located in Sonoma County. Knights Valley is like the northernmost window of the Napa Valley, with the same Mt St Helena soils and hot Calistoga summer temps. This is a secret AVA that is almost always priced as value. Glad to see it on woot.

I have had the Anagram just once but was curious about how to get more. Solid KV Cab with some potential for ageing but mostly a drink soon to now. Will probably rival or be a step above a lot of the Calistoga cabs. Think Von Strasser or Summers or Vincent Arroyo. Hot days cool nights style Cab from rich soils.

I bought one.