Moran Manor Knights Valley Red - 3 Pack

Moran Manor Knights Valley Red - 3 Pack
$59.99 + $5 shipping
1 2005 Anagram
2 2006 Anagram
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I’m sure we’d all like to know how long these can/should be cellared (if at all) and if there is any residual sugar in either?

And someone will undoubtedly want to know what the pH and TA on these are…


Why the change in blend and varietals year on year?

Courtesy of CJ:

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I had a question: Why is it called “Anagram”? I found this on the winery website:

"The Name

Elvis Lives, Listen Silent, Astronomers Moon Starers, Moran Manor
Our Wines

Our wine is a blend of several great grape varietals. Words like Symphony, Tapestry and Orchestra are good but already taken by others wanting to connote a rare and good combination of different elements. Our place is often called the Manor, not because of our behavior but rather, the house that is the centerpiece of the entire valley.

Mix up the letters to create an interesting name, mix up the grapes to make an interesting wine. It made sense.

Someone once said, “All the life’s wisdom can be found in anagrams. Anagrams never lie.” Our wine doesn’t lie either."

Google time…

Some notes from Wikipedia about the Knight Valley AVA, a new one for me.

Reviews of the 2005 and 2006. Both are positive (and have scores of 89, FWIW), with winery prices of $38 and $35, respectively.

For sale: the 2005 from KL Wines at $28.99 (but out of stock). And, oddly, the 2003 (described as sold out on the winery website) appears to remain available for $19 here.

I’m definitely interested, looking forward to seeing what others dig up. I am also curious about the switch from Petite Sirah to Syrah within the blend.

Ahh I see someone found the same reviews as I did…those aren’t the only rave reviews that pop up page #1 on google though!

More stuff here. And many more that have great things to say including anticipated 10 year + ageability…

And interesting to see that this site has the 2003 on markdown for $18 a bottle? Before shipping of course but still…wonder if the 03 has less aging potential than these?
*edit: so yeah this link is a duplicate but my questions about the year vs.price point still stand:p *

As for me I am bummed once again to see a fascinating small production wine that doesn’t ship to NH…love the word play in the names they use!

Some interesting stuff about winemaker Tom Eddy, who has been described as a maverick, and who is definitely in the anti-Parker Cab camp. Eddy also has his own new winery, Tom Eddy Wines:

Winemaker Tom Eddy Hits the Road to ‘Take Back the Cab’.

Ban the bomb!

A Delicate Balance

More questions for the winemaker (please):

Do you do a cold soak, and if so for what duration and at what temperature?

Do you use any commercial yeasts?

I’m also curious as to why the winery decided to market this as a blend and not a Cab.

Good stuff, NightGhost. I really liked the favorable comments about Cathy Corison’s wine as well, as I snagged some the last time it came up here on WW. Unfortunately, it is young and needs to lay down for a few more years before I want to open them up. Grrrr.

Interesting mention of Frog’s Leap and John Williams. Have we seen any of his stuff here?

That mark down is probably coming from the distributor or the retailer, specifically because it’s competing with new vintages. While I appreciate aged wine, unless you are comfortable with the storage conditions, 5+ years in a dry, random wine store, positioned upright, could take a hefty toll on a bottle.

old doesn’t necessarily mean aged.

oh, I’m black again. Wonder when that happened.

Two nice reviews of the winery on YELP.

This could be a sleeper. Wish when we had these relatively unknown wineries, that there was a lab rat report or two. I think I need to push the gold button even without any participation from lab rats or the winery.

Unrelated to the current wine, but it made me sad to read this:

Any of you guys try the 8-bit Vintner wine?

Yes…I have no tasting notes but remember it being good…

I was sad I missed the woot deal and am now sadder that he closed up shop.

Edit: Oh, it says it on their “Story” page. My bad… Great catch, NightGhost. All we need now is some winery participation and I’ll be in for 2, I think. I need more Cab :smiley:

Although there is a definite tendency to overripeness (it’s warm up there), I have had a soft spot in my heart for Knight’s Valley Cabernet it it’s well-made. Not that it rises to greatness, but it can be quite good. Back in the late '70s, when Beringer was being rebuilt as a decent brand (they had been good way back, but were pretty much dreck by the '60s), they had a ‘second tier’ Cabernet labeled ‘Knights Valley’ which sold for less than half the price of their flagship Cab. It was a very nice young to medium term drinking Cab – we drank at least a case in the early '80s before it went to sleep, and then another case + in the late '80s and early '90s until it faded at around 15 or so.

So, although it’s a little more than I pay for an unknown generally, I’m taking a shot, but only for 1, to see if Tom Eddy is making manageable Cabs for them, or whether it’s something else.

Hey fellow wine wooters, I need some help. I’ve been actively buying wine for about a year now and finally cleared out our storage room so I can easily access my wine rack that I am storing all these great woot purchases on. Problem is, I don’t know of an easy place to find cellaring times for each wine. Is there a source for this? I’ve looked on Cellar Tracker but can’t seem to find this information. Any help would be appreciated as I don’t want to drink anything prematurely or more importantly, too late! Thanks.

Do you actually have all the wines entered in Cellar Tracker? If you view the “My Cellar” section it should give you drinking windows for wines if available. (it’s to the right of the wines) You can even sort by drinking window start date and end date. Not sure if it’s perfect, but that’s what I use.