Mountain House Best Sellers Kit

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I can’t seem to find the ingredient lists.

So…what size are the meals? Family, Individual, or lilliputans?

Judging from the larger picture that I see here:

it looks like these are individual or double portions, not family size. 2.6 pounds shipping weight is certainly more than snacking size. I think you have to chase down the product code for each packet to get a definitive answer as to sizing.

Seems like a pretty good deal; cheaper than other sites.

My husband and I are backpackers and have tried many brands of freeze-dried meals. Most are rather disgusting. Mountain House is the best-tasting brand we’ve tried - they’re quite good. I highly recommend them. They also rarely go on sale. We have tried all 4 of those entree flavors and liked them all. In our experience, this size entree package feeds one person (although it says 2 servings), especially if you’re expending a lot of energy backpacking or doing something strenuous.

to save others a bit of time…

[] Product Code: 0080698
] Shipping Weight (lb): 2.60
[*] Total Servings: 16

[] Quantity: 1, Type: Lunch / Dinner, Name: Beef Stew, Product Code: 53114
size 4.30oz (122g) 2.5 serviings
] Quantity: 1, Type: Lunch / Dinner, Name: Beef Stroganoff with Noodles, Product Code: 53119
size 4.80oz (136g) 2.5 serviings
[] Quantity: 1, Type: Lunch / Dinner, Name: Chicken Teriyaki with Rice, Product Code: 53124
size 5.01z (142g) 2.5 serviings
] Quantity: 1, Type: Lunch / Dinner, Name: Lasagna w/ Meat, Product Code: 53127
size 4.80oz (136g) 2.5 serviings
[] Quantity: 1, Type: Breakfast, Name: Scrambled Eggs w/ Ham, Product Code: 53425
size 2.54oz (72g) 2 Serviings
] Quantity: 1, Type: Dessert, Name: Raspberry Crumble, Product Code: 53541
size 5.15oz (146g) 4 serviings

Can you please tell us what the packaging or expiration date is for this product?

Excellent reviews on Amazon.

12 years

Yes, I bought this three weeks ago and I was extremely surprised to see a 2027 date in all of them.

This is kind of a strange kit - there’s enough for 2 days (2 entrees/ day) if you don’t have breakfast for one. I guess you could have the crumble for breakfast.