Mountain House Freeze Dried Meal 9-Pack

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Mountain House Freeze Dried Meal 9-Pack
Price: $79.99
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I believe we sold this brand before. Let’s hear some feedback.

Ouch! Just saw this at Costco today, at half the price.

These are good meals, we use them for backpacking. Tasty, easy to prepare. This price point is about a buck less per meal than other sites.

Where they these 5 serving family packs or were they the 1 serving hiking/camping packs you saw at Costco?

That makes a big difference.

Ive seen the 1 serving packs (but not 5 serving packs) at Walmart in the sporting goods/camping equipment isle as well.

Yea, I am thinking the Costco ones were the individual meals. This is a good deal, not great, but good. I’m in.

Your palate will no doubt vary, but I found these rather salty. Then again, if you’ve been hiking all day, you’re going to be looking to replace a lot of the salt you lost through sweating.

Hungry after hiking all day? Sure, I’ll scarf a serving (or two!) of these down.

Tired after a day at the office, and too lazy to cook a real meal? You might want to pass on these.

We also use the family ones for quick car camping meals - the saltiness is just what you want after running around all day, and the ease of preparation is fantastic. Sometimes you get back to camp after dark and just do NOT want to deal with cooking and cleanup.

I’m tired of stocking for the zombies.

Bring it already will you brainless muthas?

I want to see the Beef Stroganoff, but not with Noodles…

(This is Noodles)

Awe…noodles…so sweet.

On the other hand, I’m sure Noodles would enjoy the Beef Stroganoff… :wink:

Made by the same company that makes the long-range patrol rations for the army. Pretty tasty!

Mountain House is by far the best freeze dried food you can get. This price is very good for 8.6 oz. If you want to buy in the future check out Nitro-Pak, they offer good prices on Mountain House but not as good as woot today!


Mountain House tastes better than anything else freeze dried I’ve tried.

Its something you might enjoy eating even without a cannibalistic zombie-apocalypse.

(the soggy-salt-flavored cardboard taste of the other brands may be what drives all the zombies to cannibalism in the first place!)

Brass Tax:

These are marketed as a family pack, so assuming a family of 4, you would have about (1) day of food for $80. You must also have a water source and a way to heat/purify said water if it is not clean.

Never go by how many servings there are, check nutitonal facts and count the calories.

Total calories for the 9-pack = 10,650.

I will say that most of them don’t taste bad. Except their Pad Thai dish. And I love Pad Thai.

I used to eat Mountain House all the time for backpacking. These are some of the best freeze dried foods. But I had to cut down on sodium which these are high in. I dehydrate my own backpack meals now.

These meals will keep for years if the seal is unbroken. Once opened the contents should be used within a few days (depends on the humidity). Since they are “5 serving” packets you’ll want to plan ahead. For an individual or a couple this may not be the best package size. I’ve also found that when backpacking I can easily eat two “servings” at a meal.