Mountain House Freeze-Dried Food

This is maybe $1-$2 cheaper per bag than buying from REI. When taking tax (for CA residents like me), Woot shipping, REI’s 10% off freezed-dried food when buying 12, and REI’s dividend into account, they’re a wash.

The products themselves are good. Chili Mac w/ Beef is the best, then Beef Stroganoff and Beef Stew. The others are also good, but avoid any ethic freeze-dried flavors. They never taste right (e.g. Thai noodles). The deserts are also delicious but don’t expect them to look like their actual description, pouring boiling water into a powered bag of Raspberry Crumble isn’t going to make it magically form into air-risen cake. It’ll taste more like a home mix right before you put it into the oven to bake.

These are pretty good. The lasagna is the best by far, I buy them all the time for easy backpacking meals.

I’ve been eating and enjoying MH food for 40 years or more.

I have found that if the name is appealing to you, you will likely like the dish.

I’ve been relying on reviews of various MH foods when I buy them for camping trips, but the truth is that you really need to try them for yourself to see if you will like them. I’ve found some well-reviewed ones that I didn’t think were so great (breakfast skillet, for example, gets good reviews but it’s really mediocre at best in my opinion) and I’ve found some that tasted kind of good that didn’t get the best reviews.

Also, on a few of the ones I’ve had so far (can’t remember off-hand which ones exactly), the directions call for about 1/4 cup of water more than necessary.

It is cheaper to buy these through mountain house on free shipping vs woot $5 flat rate(which i love) but on this deal there is no reason to buy these.

LOVE MH FOODS! These prices aren’t that big a deal, but if you do not have an emergency food supply, you should DEFINITELY buy a mess of these and create a ‘bug-out’ kit. If there is a disaster/extended power outage or if you are just to tired to fix dinner after a long day at work or getting to the campground, then you really will LOVE THEM!

Seems like you could cook it and can it yourself for way cheaper. I mean who really goes back packing into the woods or mountains deep enough that they have to carry these meals. Most camping / back packing is either a short day trip or a 5 mile drive to the nearest walmart or fast food joint.S

I love MH and have used them for years for backpacking and camping trips. However this really isn’t a good deal. I can get the cases fro about the same price from REI via the annual savings and the discount offered for buying in bulk. So I’ll pass but only because woot dropped the ball on the price.

As others have stated…if you are an REI member, you get 10% off 12 or more and can save the shipping. They also have a better selection. I often find them cheaper on Amazon, (free shipping for over $25).

Some of the more popular flavors, like Chicken ala King, and Turkey Tetrazzini are not included here, (and these are the 2 best flavors in my opinion). Chili Mac is good, as is the Noodles and Chicken, Stroganoff and Lasagna, but the eggs are only good when used as a stuffing in tortillas with salsa. Granola is very good. Chicken Teriyaki and Pasta Primavera are only so-so. Desserts are almost always good.

If you are not familiar with Mountain House:

  1. You will want to try these flavors out before taking them hiking or camping. Taste is a highly subjective thing, but generally Mountain House is better than most of the freeze dried packaged meals.

  2. You will want to use 1/4 to 1/3 less water than instructions state, for a less soupy consistency. For the Spaghetti, I find 1/3 to 1/2 cup less water produces a better consistency.

  3. After adding the boiling water, you will want to let it sit 5 minutes longer than instructions state, for more even rehydration (particularly on dinners that have noodles and meat).

  4. Most packages state that the meals contain 2 or 2.5 servings. After a long day hiking, (and trust me on this) they really only feed 1 person. Every backpacker I know uses a full package as 1 serving.

  5. The shelf life on these is very long, (5+ years) so they are great for earthquake/emergency kits.

These aren’t for eating while you’re on the trail on a day trip…they’re for eating if you’ve gone on a day trip, taken a wrong turn, and are now lost. They’re emergency preparedness foods, not foods you just bring along (though I will say they do work well for that too). If you’ve never been lost in the woods before then 5 miles to the nearest walmart sounds easy. Go outside of civilization where the nearest house is 10 miles away like I frequently do and you’ll appreciate why these exist and why you should always have them just in case.

Seriously? Hiking/camping/backapacking with canned goods? And if you DIY the canned goods, then more than likely it will be glass jars. That is a lot of extra weight. Maybe I just need to get in better shape, but if I go for a two to three day hike, I do not want lug extra ounces, let alone extra pounds. Not to mention the dead weight you have to hike out with once your jars are empty.

I am all for canning your own for disasters, not sure how canned pasta tastes, but hey I will try anything once.

Have these items been sold on Woot in the past? I’d love to get my hands on the variety packs, but looks like they are sold out. Maybe they’ll come back again in the future?

umm… this guy goes deep into the back country. Do some googling of the Beartooth Mountains in Montana. I live an hour away from them, and frequently take 2-3 day trips. Sure, fresh caught brookies with a ramen noodle will get you by, but nothing is like a real tasty meal after a hard day.

Now, I’m also as lazy as I can be, so every ounce that I don’t have to pack with me is a tiny victory, so bring on the lightweight, easy to prepare, protein rich goodness of a MH meal! :slight_smile:

I found these meals to be great for a day hike where we wanted a quick meal on the trail. Easy clean up too since you can just close up the pouch if you cut it open at the right spot.

Most of these are actual, honestly good tasting meals that you could sit down any time and eat.

Its emergency food just because its too much $$$ to eat everyday.

& since I don’t think anyone else directly said it,
Mountain House is by far the best freeze dried emergency food out there

Ummmm…there are thousands of people who do multi-day backpacking trips, from a couple of days, to months on the Appalachian or Pacific Crest Trails. Try carrying 9-10 days of canned food in your backpack the last high altitude stretch of the John Muir Trail from your resupply at Muir Trail Ranch up to Mt. Whitney. You’ll have a pack that weighs well over 100 lbs.

Mountain House meals were developed in the 70’s, specifically for multi-day backpacking and mountain climbing. It was years later that it was marketed for preparedness.

By the way, most home canned food doesn’t have the 5-8 year shelf life that this product has.

I’d agree if the hike is going to be at least 8+ total hours out and back. Otherwise, save your money and stick to granola bars and/or a trail mix of some sort. Otherwise, you’re lugging more water than you need as well as your equipment to boil the water.

This product isn’t just for backpacking. These could be stored in a b.o.b in case there’s an emergency and you need food while stores are closed.

Anyone see any indication of date of manufacture? I am aware of the 7yr+ shelf life.