Mountain House Emergency Food Supply Kits

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Mountain House Emergency Food Supply Kits
Price: $59.99 - 74.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Sep 18 to Tuesday, Sep 19) + transit
Condition: New


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Gotta love the “Used-Like New” offers!

A 30-year shelf life on the food, but only a Woot 90-day warranty. Hummmmmm.

Didn’t see the value in these until Harvey hit. I had just moved so I didn’t have a lot of food, before the storm rolled in I rationed enough for 3-5 days but the stores was closed and had limited supply for over a week. These would have come in handy!

I bought the 3-day kit for my hurricane kit some time ago, along with a spirit stove. It came in handy after Irma knocked out the power here. My perishables were all ruined and the grocery stores and restaurants were closed for days, so I lived off this and canned food. And honestly, this stuff lasts longer, is easier and faster to heat up, and tastes better than most canned food.

I had a bucket of 12 packages of these that I bought a couple of years ago. 4 packs each of Chili Mac, Spaghetti, and Chicken & Rice. I had one of each over the past several days as a result of Irma. Only the Spaghetti was sub-par, but it was still better than canned. I was happy to have it, and it could hardly be any easier to prepare. I’m buying one of these for my mother and sister who live together nearby.

I also would suggest if you buy a case of this food (or any freeze dried food, buy a case of emergency water. The 4oz packets. You can pick up a case of about 60-64 packets for under 30 bucks. 5 year shelf life and won’t go bad if exposed to heat or cold. I have a few cases of these packets stored off site (storage unit) that is miles from home along with a emergency bag for the wife and I. I call it my “extended stay BOB” and freeze dried food that has a 25+ year shelf life. Figured with it miles away, what’s the chances of both home and storage unit getting wiped out. I still keep a BOB/Shelter in place bag in my cars along with water/food, etc. I spent 20 years preparing for disasters and helping those who didn’t or were just having a bad day so it’s just a part of my lifestyle now (I also teach the Emergency Preparedness merit bag for my scout troop). I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a plan, excerise that plan or review it once a year and a grab and go bag in your home closet. I make all my kids carry one in their car which includes some cash stash too ;-). Only once was any of it’s contents used (college, micro burst, 3 days no power. Kid used the battery backup to keep her phone charged, radio (which could charge the phone too), lantern, flashlight and deck of cards. She was the hit of her floor though they were fed on campus by the college, the dorms didn’t have power). So, I love mountain house products, they are expensive and from time to time, you see patriots pantry products offered here. They are pretty good but not all are as good s MH. So, sample some and find the ones you like. You can rest assured that these are about as good as it gets for 20+ years of shelf life. When you store water, just remember, those pouches are only good up to 5 years so rotate.

Too all the Harvey/Irma victims, those of us not affected are doing what we can to help (money, supplies). Take care and wish you the best.

Retired Coast Guard sends.